Gabapentin users- Please advise on possible side effects

Hi, I think I am having strange side effects from the Gabapentin either that or I am getting worse.. I never had burning/cold sensations in my hands or my feet and I am having them now and "patches" of burning sensations all over along with numbness and tingling. The skin on my hands and feet also feel more sensitive to touch than ever. I also feel dehydrated, so I started drinking alot more water. Why are my hands and feet burning and cold? My feet feel worse. Are the effects exposing a worse problem with my nerves? I am concerned.

Please help anyone by explaining your experience with Gaba or neuropathy. I haven't been told I had neuropathy, but I am now wondering. I am going to talk to dr., but I wanted to hear a Gaba patient's side.

Thank you, everyone!

Hey BB, I just read something interesting on Sandi's post about Lyrica, now since Gabapentin works about the same way, meaning for nerve pain, this may help explain what is going on, but don't take my word for it, because I could not tolerate it. I know it works really well for some folks, but it just made me spin.

See what you think of this:

Always ask your Doctor to make sure, please!

Thanks so much, SK, for bringing this post to my attention. This was helpful to read. Maybe that's what's happening? Maybe I need to try and ride it out, but these funky sensations in my body are just so unnerving- no pun! It's uncomfortable. I will talk with my doctor Monday, but I thought to ask the community as well.

Have a great weekend, SK. I hope you're keeping stress level down as much as can be expected.:)

Yes, please talk to your doctor ASAP. Might be the meds, might also be the fibro. It can attack us in so many different forms. The pain can feel so different from one area to the next. That's why you should ask your doc, as fibro can hit us with so many weird pains.

Nat04 talks about Gabapentin in her blog.

Thanks for this info., SK, you're terrific to be of such help to me.


You are welcome BB, once in a while I CAN connect the dots!

....I'd say much more than once in a while. :) You are as resourceful as you are positive.

Thanks again,