Gabapentin - side effects?

Anyone taking Gabapentin:

I just started this drug last month. At first, it seemed to help a lot, but now it doesn't seem to help at all. And I've started having some strange issues.

I know the listed side effects are:

dizziness, loss of coordination, tiredness, blurred/double vision, unusual eye movements, or shaking (tremor)

I have all of these (less the eye problems). But I'm used to being tired, clumsy and having tremors (used to be on Lithium).

What's new:

Increased sweating, hot flashes, heat rash..

And... and this is kinda personal... everyone has their own scent when they sweat/don't shower daily... mine has changed. It's not better or worse, but it is different.

I'm not sure what the frack is going on... anyone had ANYTHING like this??

Also on the following:

Prenatals (vitamin supplement)












**Please don't tell me I've over medicating. I've spent a lot of time and energy to make sure that I have a balanced life... these drugs make it possible.

Hello, I am also taking Gabapentin for me it gives me energy and the increased sweating, hot flashes i think is just a Fibro thing cuz it happens to me a lot. I also have loss or coordination it could be caused by the Gabby or just part of Fibro.

I take




Tizanidine-muscle relaxer




Omeprazole- Stomach problems

Thanks for replying. My problem is the INCREASE in sweating and hotflashes... I really feel like something is wrong in my body...

The increased sweating is a Fibro thing. I had it before I knew I had the Fibro. I never used to even hardly sweat at all. Suddenly especially after having a shower, didn’t matter if it was Luke warm cold or hot, I would leave the shower with my hair completely drenched and not from washing it. I would continue to sweat like that for about two hours before I could even put my clothes on. The same thing would happen if I exercised, walked, climbed stairs or anything that caused exertion. That was the first thing that made me think something was wrong. Sleep problems, pain in muscles, nerve pain, change in metabolism, tachycardia, tremors in my hands. It’s not just pain and fatigue. There are so many symptoms associated with this “syndrome”.

I've been on Gabapentin for 2 years now. Just a low dose (100mg -3x/day) because anything more makes me all floaty. It usually just helps me sleep and sometimes takes the edge off of my pain (combined with tramadol, anyway). I also have noticed the + sweating issue (mostly at night), which may be a a general fibro symptom - something about our bodies having issues regulating temperature…Have you tried changing your bedding to a more breathable material (bamboo or cotton) or even adjusting your thermostat at home?

Ever since I started taking the gabapentin, I have been getting hot flashes also. Not so much the crazy sweating, just feeling really warm. Which is weird for me because I am usually freezing all the time. I've been on the gabapentin for about 3 months now, and those hot flashes are going away. Almost non existent now. But, since I have been on it, I have had a major rise in my blood pressure. Kinda scary. I always had perfect blood pressure until now. I'm only 25.

Moe said:

Thanks for replying. My problem is the INCREASE in sweating and hotflashes... I really feel like something is wrong in my body...

Thanks guys... I guess this is something new I'll just have to deal with... I do notice it at night, but I can roll with that - mostly because my other meds can get me to sleep (staying asleep is a totally different fight).

I mostly notice this at work. I am fairly stationary. I get up to go out for a smoke or to get more water, but for the most part I'm at my desk making calls and writing emails. I get into the office and right away my face flushes and I start sweating... it's the sweating on my face that really bugs me - I have a hard time wearing any makeup. I just feel hot and flushed all day.

I'm starting to wonder where I could hide ice packs...or how to highjack the building's thermostat....

Hi Moe. I didnt have much to add cause I am not on gabapentin, but in regards to staying asleep, my doctor recommended magnesium glycinate. I found it at my health food store, its just an OTC and once I fall asleep (thanks to Elavil), I find that this supplement lets me go back to sleep really easy after bathroom breaks, or my cats running. Just a thought. I am not sure if you have tried that. :slight_smile: -Heather

Moe said:

(staying asleep is a totally different fight).