Gabapentin Only

I was newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 10 days ago and my Rheumatologist put me on 300mg of Gabapentin twice a day. I started taking it a few days ago once a day due to my work schedule to see what kind of side effects I would have first before taking it twice a day. I am wondering if anyone is just taking Gabapentin only and how long does it take before it takes effect? Is it normal to be prescribed Gabapentin only? The pharmacist said it would make me drowsy and it doesn’t make me drowsy at all. I can go days without sleeping and then of course my pain is worse.

Thank you

I have taken it a couple times and I had a migraine instantly and I was dizzy for about 12 hours and then I took it again and the same thing happened again. I didn’t sleep either. The Gabapentin has not given me any pain relief at all. The rheumatologist also prescribed me Tramadol a few weeks ago and that didn’t work. So I have been trying to deal with the pain and now my hips and legs are starting to hurt more.

Hi Treamnm, I too am newly diagnosed with FM. I tried gabapentin for a short time without much luck. I didn't get drowsy either. However as we all know everyone is different. Sometimes side effects go away once your system gets used to the new drug. Discuss with you Dr the best time of day to take it, maybe evening would be better when your at home and can deal with the dizziness better than when your day is busier.

I do take it at night because I work a 10 hour shift from 10am to 830pm in the ER. I didn’t want to take the chance and take it before work. I discussed it with my rheumatologist prior to taking it due to my work schedule. Did you have any side effects?

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My rheumatologist wants me to try Gabapentin first before trying Lyrica due to the insurance reasons according to him. He wants me to follow up with him in three months. I don’t know if my primary will see me or not.


That makes sense because many insurance companies will not pay out for Lyrica. Gabapentin is a cheaper cousin of Lyrica's. I found that Gabapentin helped me with pain relief immediately...except it gave me an awful tension headache each time I took it.

I am on Lyrica because I have a stomach ulcer, courtesy of all of the Ibuprofin I snarfed down to try to control pain back when I didn't know what was wrong and no doctor could help me. I mention this because if you also have one, you probably could be approved for lyrica (so many of the other drugs are NSAIDS, which are in the same category as ibuprofin, and would also cause ulcers.)

Unfortunately, its patent isn't up until 2018, but Cymbalta's expired last year, so that means generic Cymbalta is probably available now, at a lower cost than regular Cymbalta.

If you find that Lyrica does work for you but you can't afford it, here are the eligibility requirements for financial assistance:


The patient must either have no prescription coverage, or not enough coverage, to pay for their prescribed Pfizer medicine(s). The patient must also have an income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, adjusted for family size, in order to qualify.

So don't despair if the gabapentin doesn't help, as you do have some other options available.


Thank you for the information. Unfornately I do not have a stomach ulcer. I do have coverage through my work and my husband doesn’t have coverage at his work. But I think we make too much money to be eligible for financial assistance. I heard that Lyrica is about $200 a month and there is no way I can afford that.

The Gabapentin has been giving me an instant migraine and they last all night long. I have been getting migranes for over 15 years and these are very intense with the Gabapentin.


Hello Trea! I'm Laurel and I went through a lot of pharmaceuticals prior to Gabapentin/Neurontin. My Primary at the time said "okay, we're going to try this on you and if you come back and say you're still in pain I'll know you're just a pill popper"...true story.

Now she did give me Tramadol/Ultram to take with it and I'm pretty sure that was the pain killer and the Neurontin built up to help me later. I now take 800mgs. 4 x a day and extra if I need it.

Like others said, it took off the edge and did not make me drowsy...I wish. I was also on 2 different anti-depressants Prozac and Effexor...another of my primaries moves that my doctors of present shake their heads at along with the treatment I received while under her care...she liked her script pad, that's for sure! But she never believed me...I have the records to prove it!

Back on track here...I also suffer from Migraines/PDHS, and use an Imitrex Injection for that. I truly think what you're going through now is just the drug making a home in your system and the side effects you're suffering will subside but you have to keep it in you're system... but I do like that you are just doing one until you are over the side-effects and then introduce probably won't affect you so bad when you increase...I hope, everyone's different.

I take Cymbalta as my anti-depressant/nerve sedative now along with a long list of others.

Sometimes it's hard to recognize whether drugs do any good or not because of the Fibro....It's one of the symptoms of Fibro I was told. It takes more of everything to touch our symptoms as nothing lasts as long, works as well for us. I have to tell the anesthesiologist to watch me during surgeries because I wake up...and talk...and tell them all about it afterwards....I remember...I told you to watch me!

So, when you see your doctor next, tell her exactly what your experience was (write it down as you go or the FOG will take it), how you took it, experimented with it on time of day, dosages, etc. And as was said, ask for another option for the days where you can't get away from the pain.

I think Neurontin is a good drug in the long helps other meds be more effective I think. My doctors are always telling me to take more when/if I'm going to do something stressful on my body. But that's me, this is all me and everyone is different. Fibro requires a lot of therapy, all different kinds...and then takes away our ability to meet the requirements... we're left spinning in Pain, Doubt, and Fear.

So just keep this in mind while you're doing medication trials and give the meds a good 2 weeks to a month as a trial, unless you have allergic all the paperwork that comes with your medications so that you know the possible side affects, etc. before you even take one.

I know it's really hard to do all this and work at a job too. Especially when you're still in a great deal of pain. Ibuprofen or Extra strength Tylenol can work in a pinch/along with Gabapentin. Most of your narcotic pain killers have one or the other in them in varying dose amts. I was doing this for a long time and sometimes still do sneak a does of motrin in with my pain med when I'm crossing the 1-10 pain scale. It works! For me...

You should sync your primary with your Rheumy as well so everyone is on the same page...I think that is very important.

I do hope I've been helpful here and not just!

Be sweet to yourself Trea and Welcome!

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

I took it for about 4 - 5 weeks and had to stop due to a combo of things. Due to that I'm not quite sure if the effects were from the drug or the over all illness. I have since started Lyrica and I find it much better so far! Hope your dizziness passed. Good Luck.

Thank you so much information Laurel. You definitely gave me a lot to think about. I have built up a resistance towards pain meds over the years because my migraines so I don’t know what is going to work for me. The Tramadol didn’t do a thing for me. My biggest thing is that I’m not sleeping and of course when you don’t sleep your pain is worse. It is a vicious cycle. My primary nor my rheumatologist hasn’t prescribed me any sleeping aids. I don’t think my rheumatologist really knows what he is doing and it’s so hard to get in to see my primary care doctor.

It is very hard work on sometimes but I have no choice but to work right now. I work long hours and when I get home it’s late. I just hope I find something soon.