Gabapentin and weight gain

I everyone, I'm new here... I've been taking gabapentin for about three yrs. I'm now up to 300mg. four times a day. I've gained about 15 pounds, has anyone else had thia problem?

Hi everyone I have a question from one of our new members I no several of you take gabapentin and I thought you would like to help.

I too take gabapentin and have gained way to much weight. However, the medication works wonders! my husband says if it keeps the pain away than take it! LOL I want to say no way, not after loosing 140lbs.. I don't want to balloon up!

Thanks for the info on stopping the meds. I've thought about stopping it but then what would I take. I have to go see the pain management Dr.

Jackie, that's wonderful that you lose 140 lbs. You have a good husband...

kholmes..Having extra medical problems on top of all of this is horrible, I take meds. for high BP and cholesterol and asthma..

It took so many years for the medical establishment to even see this as a real medical problem...There is not much help in the way of meds. without all the side effects... Thanks you ladies for responding to my question... Pat

I am taking 600mg 4 times a day. I have gained so much weight. I started out with thyroid issues an type 1 diabetes. My weight has always been hard to maintain. The pain is horrible without the Gabapentin. What do you do?

I took 3600 mg of Neurontin (Gabapentin) a day for over a year and gained 100 lbs. I also had to quit working out at the same time. I was devastated, but I was in so much pain & exhausted there was nothing I could do. One day I just couldn't take it anymore literally and figuratively and threw it away, which I learned you weren't supposed to do at that high a dose. My pain wasn't worse without it than with it. I have since lost the weight and lots more. I am honestly glad it works for some people. Just please be careful with the side effects. I had horrible brain fog and would get to work and not remember driving there. It may just be because of the high dose but it was scary. That's when I knew it wasn't worth the risks.

When you where taking that much Gabapentin you still had pain..and then when you stopped taking the meds. everything was still the same?? How did you manage without any meds?? Did you have any side effects from stopping it?

Sorry not trying to be a pain LOL but I don't want to gain anymore weight..5'2" 148 lbs. and I worry about stopping and having pain and side effects..

Sadly, every med I have ever been on for my fibro has caused weight gain. 5 pounds here, 10 there, 20 pounds...I stopped all meds and still can't get the weight off. And yes, one was gabapentin. I didn't take it very long though as it caused tremors. You have to dig deep into the side effects to find that one, but it's there.

I have just been prescribed Neutonton I didn’t get to talk to my Rheumy about trying LDN as he dismissed my symptoms of short term and long term memory lapses. He just said that that comes with age and having a lot on my plate. WTF? I need to find a more informed Doctor who will listen. I did go with my 3 page listings of symptoms and concerns. He just dismissed them. Is there a file here in the group that lists “tried and true” Rheumatologists? I am in CT. Not happy at all about the weight gain side affects! That is the last thing we all need to deal with :-(. B

I just started taking it 200mg at night...not doing much but after hearing about this weight gain I think I am going to stop it. In the past year I have put on 20 lbs. I don't eat junk food and don't eat that much at all. I try to take a short walk 5 days a week and wind up in agony that night. Along with Fibro I also have degenerative disc disease (3 herniated discs in my lower back). It feels like a losing battle.

This weight gain is a deal breaker...I do not want to put on one more pound, tomorrow I will call and make an appt. with my doctor. I just got up and I am in pain..took the gabapentin, 300 mg. it will take awhile before it starts to take the edge off. You all know what I'm talking about, if I could find a med. that would just do that I would be happy..

Gabapentin is a cousin to Lyrica, medically, and I've put on a ton of weight from Lyrica coupled with Noratriptyline. I hate it but it's that or pain.

Don't quit cold turkey! You'll want to be weaned off it. Your doctor will tell you how. And Cat? I always think that my Lyrica isn't doing much for pain until I forget to take a dose and then I feel hideous! So be prepared for that possibility. If not, then great!

I’ve been on gabapentin 600 mg a day for a couple of months and I have gained some weight too. It makes me want to eat everything in site. Im on prednisone also so it doesnt help. I keep fruit with me at all times, especially the ones that are supposed to be good for joint pain…pineapple, plums, bananas, and apples. I’m hoping that helps some and it at least keeps me from eating junk food.