My symptoms have been magnified by our
horrific cold weather hear in New England,
Severe neck , head , sinus & ear pain besides
the usual widespread FM muscle pain .
Yesterday it just seemed to get the best of me
and triggered a full blown panic attack ,
It just so happened that I had an appointment
with my physical therapist who shared similar
Symptons and she recommended GABA 750mg
Desperate for relief I did try it today and I must
say it did help with muscle relaxation which
therefore helped with the anxiety , I do not
take any script meds and always seeking
alternative solutions to relief the horrible
Symptons . has anyone else tried this ?

Hi Susan, I do not have personal experience but here is information from WebMD on Gaba.

I know you mentioned your PT suggested this but I would advise to make sure your regular MD is also aware of you taking Gaba. It is always a good idea to make sure your medical team knows of supplements / vitamins you are taking. Hugs!!

Hi Susan8! I just read your post regarding GABA supplements. I did some research on GABA and thought that I would give it a try myself recently. I am just starting out small, only 100 mg, but I am very sensitive to medications and supplements so thought this would be best. I haven’t noticed it helping with pain as of yet, but it definitely helps me sleep, which, hopefully in turn will help me with my pain! Looks like your post was awhile back in February, so am wondering how you are doing with the GABA now, are you still taking it and is it working better or not?

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Hi Karen, a while back it was, and February it was, but 6 years ago, in 2015! :stuck_out_tongue:
This was Susan’s last post, and hasn’t been seen since, it seems.
But I’m pleased you’ve dug it out again. I have researched it scantly before and my sleep trials are focusing on CBD oil (& perhaps melatonin, in future ashwagandha) at the moment. But/so your experience sounds promising.
So here goes gathering more detailed research:

I can get it with no problem at all here in Germany and I read it is good for anxiety & sleep.

GABA analogs, mainly pregabalin (Lyrica). gabapentin and gabapentin enacarbil were developed - because GABA itself “is difficult to administer”(!?). These are good for rapid nerve firing, incl. fibro, neuropathy, RLS & seizures, all of which I may have. However the severe and the normal side effects are also some which I will likely get (however you say you are also very sensitive and are starting with 100mg, good to hear & know).

Back to GABA itself:
If there are side effects of GABA, they may disappear after a few days.
GABA itself doesn’t get to the brain, it is produced in the pancreas and brain out of it’s precursors.
One of the main problems I can see for me is that it increases stomach acidity, at least GABA-B does, as opposed to GABA-A:

GABA-supps have sometimes caused problems, because of not being regulated well. Another reason to start on low dose and also keep to one product (or start again low if you change). And better not to buy on general online platforms, but by sellers/producers you can trust.

GABA is an isolated amino acid, so no longer natural. Several natural substances which increase GABA in the body are valerian, magnesium and B6, and the supp. glutamic acid, all of which I have taken for 3 months, and all did nothing for me. It is contained in cheese, which I don’t usually eat, and nuts, which I eat a lot of.

Bottom line: I’ll do my other trials first, CBD oil, then perhaps back to melatonin plus either tryptophan or 5-HTP, then ashwagandha, and then get back to GABA if I’m not satisfied…
But still interested how it works for you!

Thanks for your info JayCS! I am still using the GABA, but just taking a quarter to a half of a lozenge and that is all it takes to help me sleep pretty well! I used to be on Doxepin, but went off of it last November as I read all the bad side effects, one of them being dementia or at least cognitive issues, which I had the cognitive. I still have the cognitive issues but not quite as bad. Also, the Doxepin gave me very bad restless leg syndrome! Anyway, I have also tried CBD, but the regular CBD doesn’t seem to help so well with pain. We can also purchase CBD with THC here in Washington State, and that does help me. I won’t do at the same time as the GABA though. Thanks again for all of your info! Karen

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