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Hi everyone l just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention l was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and it got to such a stage that l purchased a wheelchair for outings with the family as l could no longer walk any distance, then l started doing research about fybromyalgia and found that by changing medications and so forth l was able to control the pain and many of the the symptoms better but it was still always there. Then l came across GLUTON INTOLERANCE fybromyalgia is a symptom of gluton intolerance so l went off gluten and about 80 % of my sugar intake (much easier than you think) the results were absolutely astounding to say the least. Within two weeks l had 50% less pain was able to walk for up to half an hour thru the shops without needing to continually sit and rest, more energy within four weeks off ALL pain medication completely the only time l get any pain is if l eat too much sugar or end up accidentally consuming gluten l lost 5 kilos had even more energy…NOW 8 weeks later no pain not even a headache, no medication, heaps of energy, gone back to work full time as well as riding and working my horse 5 days a week. THANK YOU GOD, do your research on gluten intolerance check the the check-list of the symptoms for gluten intolerance against the symptoms that you are experiencing and if you think that it may help just go off gluten and sugar for two weeks to try it, sadly most doctors do not look for the cause of our ill health and only treat the problems with medication they do not look for the cause of our ill health, do your research on gluten and sugar and have a happy healthy pain free life…


Hi Barbara, I have heard others sing the praises of being gluten free and deleting sugar, it is wonderful to hear that you are feeling so well.

I have been promising myself that I will do the same and haven't started yet, you are the inspiration I needed to start.



I have tried going off gluten but I can’t tell a big difference.


I am in such severe pain around my pelvic girdle that it takes my breath away. I take 10 mg prednisone but can’t tell that it helps. I am 78 years old and have suffered back pain for many years but the pain I have now is worse than anything I have ever felt.


Hi, fuchiability, that’s great news, it’s worth the effort, cheers


Hi Sandy, try going off sugar as well, it’s almost impossible the completely remove sugar from your diet but l have removed about 80% from mine and l know that if l have a large amount of sugar at anything l get excruciating pain in my legs for a couple of day’s, so l think that it’s a combination of both, hope this helps. Cheers


I never eat sugar unless it is in some of the prepared food that I eat very little of. Most of my food is prepared by me or my family.


Hi Sandy, l also found that l had debilitating back pain before l went off gluten and sugar and so l changed my mattress for a good quality second hand memory foam one that l purchased off ebay for $300 not your normal $3000 new and substituted another double sided pillowtop mattress, $50 off Gumtree and used it for my base under the memory foam mattress instead of a normal base, l removed that one all together, as l needed the extra softness l found this amazing. Now after being off gluten and sugar l’am starting to find l can sometimes sleep at my kids houses on their spare beds and wake up fine the next morning, not sure about long term yet. Try sleeping on a good quality airbed mattress for a while if you can borrow one and see how you go that’s what l did initially and found out that l needed a really super soft mattress to sleep on. My back pain was all lower back l found that this helped tremendously. Goodluck l hope this helps, cheers


Hi Sandy, try the mattress l was on really seriously strong pain killers which did next to nothing for my backpain, the pain was so bad that l was unable to straighten up in the mornings when getting out of bed and the pain would pulsating l would cry it was so intense l purchased 6 different mattresses until l got the memory foam one and did away with the normal base, hope this helps, cheers


Food sensitivities and intolerances can produce a wide range of symptoms so anything that can be identified as making you feel unwell and can be avoided as part of your overall FMS management has got to be a good thing. Improving day-to-day health and living better with FMS (because it doesn't go away) gets my vote :-).

If gluten is an issue, it's worth asking your doc to check for Celiac Disease as this is an autoimmune condition where gluten damages the lining of the intestines.



Thank you Jules, my new doctor confirmed that l 'm gluten intolerant but thankfully not coeliac, cheers


I can tell you research Fibromyalgia and Gut Health and if you can not get your gut in order on your own (gut is 80% of your immunity) you should find a good supplement that can help you. I know that’s what I did and I am amazed at how much better I feel. No cure- can’t wait for that day but I do have my life back


Hi, All.
Just a note to be sure to discuss any health counsel you read here including diet modification suggestions and addition of any supplements with your doctor first. Our doctors know our particular health issues and are most appropriate in advising on next steps in our care. It’s important to remember that just because supplements are natural doesn’t mean they’re not potentially unsafe.