I just saw a neurologist 2 days ago, and from reading comments about others, for my first comment is every neurologist is different, lol. Mine didnt poke me at all. We did talk for 2 hours though about my symptoms and her diagnosis. btw it took me 2 YEARS to get in to see her. she diagnosed me with basilar migraines. She does not think fibro is a disease but a condition. And if i could get a proper sleep and get my fixable physical problems dealt with( ie carpal tunnel and spinal stenosis), lose some weight, regular exercise, my fibro would disappear. Im rather confused I must say. I dont know how my dizziness and other vertigo symptoms are migraine related. But boy, she could tell me just about every symptom i suffer from. She says I should have a sleep study done, yay. My mind is so foggy lately I have a hard time retaining thoughts and information. God I hate this. My carpal tunnel surgery should be on the 15th hopefully but I dont know if i will still have a gp by the time that surgeon arrives and gets the referral., LOL. I had a doctors apt with my gp, but it was cancelled and rescheduled for 330 the next day., when i went to the new appointment they told me it was for 315 not 330,and too bad so sad then 2 days later i get a $50 bill for the missed appointment. I wrote on the bill when they pay me for the 2 cancelled appointments in the last month, that I had to schedule someone to cover me at work for, and still pay them for, then I will pay the $50. But as it stands they owe ME money, not the other way around. I do not understand why they think THEIR time is more important than mine. IT ISN'T. I have to take time off, which loses me money, for them to make money. Sooo anyways, I dont know if they are going to give me any more appointments. I had asked for a new dr, and was told there was only 1 taking patients, and I had to read and sign this agreement before he would "consider" me. Oh and I had to do that there, I wasnt allowed to take it out of the building. Some of the things I remember from this "agreement" were:

appointments to be made 2 weeks in advance

appointments would be no longer than 20 minutes, if HE thinks they will go over, then HE will rebook me for a follow up to continue the discussion.

he does not prescribe narcotics, unless you are dieing or suffering from a debilitating disease

if you come to him already on a narcotic he will be taking you off it.

there will be a charge for forms that have to be filled out, ie drivers medical, sick letters etc..

there will be a charge for all and any missed appointments.

there are 2 nurse practioners in the building and if you need to see someone with something they can deal with, you are to go to them, not make appointments with him.

I read it and handed it back and walked out. What the hell is going on with doctors now? I thought they were paid to treat us, their patients, for any and all medical issues What happened to the family doctor? All these new doctors they are bringing in are so uncaring, and only concerned about how many $$$ they can make and getting you in and out as fast as possible. The neurologist that I saw 2 days ago for the first time showed more care and concern and actually LISTENED to me, than my gp of 2 yrs. Go figure. Anyways, I am frustrated and feeling hopeless.

Hey there, I am replying to this as I am reading it so sorry if things are repeated or anything.

First off fibro is not a disease, it is a syndrome (a collection of symptoms without a know physical origin or pathogenic cause). Different doctors have different ways of assessing you. When you were at school you would have found that learning when hearing things was better or learning by touching, or learning by seeing was better. It is the same with doctors, not everyone finds touching the most helpful.

Dizziness can be related to migraines, because of the areas of the brain affected by migraines, the auditory nerve can sometimes be in the path of signals, and the ears control balance and can make us feel dizzy. It is a complicated relationship but it is there. As for fibro disappearing I am sure that some of the symptoms would improve with the loss of weight and other problems being dealt with but I do not think that fibro itself will go (unfortunately). That being said what have you got to lose by trying?

If you made a genuine mistake with your appointments OR if they are screwing you around (which is sounds like) do not pay them, make a complaint about the receptionists that are organising the appointments and say that they have rescheduled (costing you time out of your day and worry) and then given you the wrong time. If they charge you $50 for being 15 minutes late then you should do the same. Next time if you are due in at 3 and they do not see you until 3:15 then bill the $50 and see how they like it.

I would NEVER see a doctor who acts like that... even if it means travelling a bit to see a different one. I would not worry too much about seeing idiots like said "no pain relief for you" chap.

I hope things improve for you in time and that the surgery goes well.

Let me know.

Take care


Hi Teresa, I am sorry you had to put up with that. That’s bullshit! When I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Fibro, I weighed 110 lbs. They always want to blame it on the wait. My Neaurologist told me that as I age the the Fibro will only progress. He did encourage me to walk and pay attention to my diet. I also have many spinal issues and essential tremor. If you are not happy with this neuro doc I would find another. As far as the primary, you did exactly what I would have done! Well not exactly, I probably would have got my self in trouble. Not all doctors are like that. I see way too many red flags with that doctor. Do you have a Rheumatologist? I was a Anesthesia Tech for years until I could no longer be on my feet 12 to 14 hours a day. When I here stuff like this it really upsets me. It is just so wrong! Talk with friends and co-workers and ask them who they see. I have learned that you really have to network to find a good doctor. Again, I’m sorry you are going through this. Hugs, Leanne


I've gotta say, I absolutely LOVE your pluck! I was silently cheering you along as I read what your wrote on your doctor's bill. Haven't we all wanted to do that at one point or another? And I love that you actually DID it! Oh, how they deserved to get it right back to them!

Is the other doctor a part of the cheapskate practice that sent you the bill? I don't know who he thinks he is, Dr. House maybe??? Superman?? God? Regardless, he's acting like a right arse, pardon my language. I wouldn't sign that form either. No way, Jose. I'd rather go back to the other practice. A doctor who's staring at his watch, ready to toss you out is NOT going to be a good one to listen about fibro, I don't think. At least that's my feeling, hearing about his do's and don'ts. And why couldn't you take the form out of the building? Was he afraid that you'd show it to channel X's investigative news team or something? WEIRD. O. And yes, I mean both weird and weirdo. Not a doc I'd feel comfortable with either, and your feelings on the matter are very valid.

I'm not sure why your neurologist feels that fibro is fixable when 99 percent of the medical field feels otherwise. I think you might feel better after doing those things (or maybe not, in the case of exercise,) but cured or fixed? Um, no. Not. Unless she has the key to the city and all of our doctors lost theirs along the way. In other words, she's not in the majority with her opinion.

However, if you get some valid treatment from her, then fine. A sleep study is an important test for us fibro sufferers, as many of us have a sleep disorder.

Is there a reason that you're not going to a rheumatologist? They're the ones to run tests on us to rule out other illnesses that can mimic fibro's symptoms or even exist along with fibro, like auto-immune diseases.

The dizziness could be a side effect of a medicine you're on, you know. Or it could also be from the fibro itself. Fatigue manifests itself in different ways when you have fibro, and dizziness is one manner.

Good luck with the carpal tunnel surgery, Teresa. Hopefully that'll knock one pain off of your body. Wishing you the best on it!



HI Teresa, as I went through your discussion the first thing I thought was that you had to be another Canadian. I think you have hit the wall called the Canadian Medical System.

Although my doctors clinic isn’t quite as strict about being a bit late, appointments are usually made for 10-15 minutes.and offices do charge if you miss an appointment I have been told by various doctors admin staff that you can only discuss one issue at a time, but I always go in with more. My GP is very reluctant to prescribe narcotics now (not before) I think because there has been a change as to when they can prescribe certain drugs. You have to pay to have forms filled out. Although. I never had to sign a form, mind you I’ve been going to same place for over 15 years, signs about what you have to pay for are posted on all the walls.

I think you’re right about $$$ part of the issue is how doctors are able to bill for visits. Although my GP used to be very laid back and spend as much time as we needed, she now seems to be in a hurry to get me out of her office, and off for tests. We seem to be becoming widgets to doctors rather than patients. The other thing is specialists bill differently for their time than GP’s and make more money. I find it frustrating as well, although our medical system has done well by me over the years. There aren’t enough GP’s to go around which is also causing some of the problems,

Nurse Practitioners are becoming more and more popular and I actually wished our medical clinic had a couple. The cardiac clinic my husband goes to and transplant clinic I go to have nurse practitioners and some of them are very good.

I would raise the issue about their rescheduling you twice and giving you the wrong time. I would also be looking for a new GP however I know there is a shortage in BC which is why I’m hanging on to mine at this point although she’s 45 minutes away. My doctor realizes that fibro does exist and is not going away, she does say that I need to exercise and losing weight would help. However she also realizes that the pain and exhaustion make it difficult; so is more supportive.

Our medical system and the way GP’s can bill needs to change as they are the first contact in the medical system, and need o be able to take the time to diagnose what is happening. They make significantly less money than specialists although they still have the same overhead , and make a lot less than doctors in the States; which is one reason we keep on losing them.

GP’s in BC normally interview you before they accept you as a new patient. My doctor who thinks I should find a GP closer to home told me not to tell any Dr in an interview that I’m now on the fourth volume (file) in the last 15 years.

Under the Canadian system GP’s are to diagnose and treat fibromyalgia and not send us on to rheumologists unless they think we may have some thing else as well, which appears very different from the US System, and appears to result in different treatment.

I really hope you find a doctor that treats you as a patient not a widget, there are some good doctors out there, you just need to find one.

Gentle hugs

Hi B,

you nailed it on the head,lol I am Canadian. lol I had such a great Dr and then she went and joined the military....go figure!! She was my 3rd one who left...I am starting to get a complex,.. I totally hate the way our clinic is now. They used to be so friendly and caring and now it is just a bunch of rude snobby people. I guess at some point it quit being about the patients and all about the money. The GP I have now does believe in fibro, there is no issue there, it is just I find him so cold and impersonal compared to my old Dr. And we only have the one clinic, we r in the middle of nowhere, 4 hours from anywhere, so dr shopping isnt an option.

I quit smoking March first, and last week I started swimming every morning before work, and sometimes after as well. The wonder Dr Johnston, the neurologist said she was so impressed with my willingness to try and make things better. I dont think my GP gives a rats ass, myself, as long as it gets me out of his office faster. Wanna hear the really funny part? He is married to my daughter in law we r kinda shirt tail related, hahaha.

I will be curious to see what they say when they get that bill I may have written myself out of a Dr.... honestly at this point it couldnt be worse. I have seen a dr in emerg, and 2 neuros and all 3 had a comment about how, 1 my GP didnt give me steroid shots for my CT as my surgery was 2 months away and i was in considerable pain, 2 wanted to know what the back surgeon said and i said the what what? and he couldnt believe that my gp did nothing when he got my MRI results that my stenosis had gotten markedly worse, and 3 he put me on the totally wrong med, she says i should be on topomax, not , maybe hes not the doc for me anyway.

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WELL WISHES!! You guys/gals always rock! @>'->--