Frustrating moment

I have the mindset of law of attraction what you think comes back at ya. I refuse to be toxic and negative but of course I’ve got moments…my fiance really attemptsorry to be supportive but when you can’t see the aliments it’s hard to understand. Today as always he asks how I feel, I look at him and just got tears I’m my eyes. I work full-time, I have custody of my granddaughter who’s 2 yrs old and I’m on 2 antidepressants and 2 other meds for energy, I’m not taking any pain meds yet but I’m achy and the muscles in my neck and shoulders are the worst. I have already noticed that the fibro has progressed some, and I know everyone’s threshold for pain is different for everybody but I look at some of what others are going through and I feel so bad and wonder my God will I end up like that? I know they say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle but I’m lifting a buick as it is! My fiance has looked into disability for me but I read where if we get married in will no longer qualify, if at all. Somehow it always works out but it’s just frustrating. Ok…I’m done venting thanks!

Hello GMN,

Vent away! (saves our loved ones getting it). Seriously tho' it is difficult for anyone else to understand, but there are things on-line that can help them a liittle bit please ask). as for looking after your 2 year old grandaughter, hats off to you, I babysit mine for a couple of hours and that is me done. I have 5 grandchildren and get so upset that I can't look after them as much as I would like. There are lots of people worse off than us, but it doesn't make it any easier, like you i take nothing for pain, we are all different. Do not beat yourself up, please find more help from your doc and family. Alternatively, just vent on here if it helps! I wish you you well

Take care, Anne

Thanks…my granddaughter is why I get out of bed every morning. On a lighter note…if I would’ve known that the “moms curse” (I hope when you have kids they’re just like you when you were a kid) really works in would’ve never said it to my oldest daughter if I knew I was gonna end up raising her! Just another speed bump in the road. Thanks!