Found a new Doctor and am really glad I did. Thankyou for all the support

Well it has taken me awhile but I found a new doctor, also very close to where I live. I took in all my medical file and asked him if he was OK dealing with a patient who has fibromyalgia. If he actually believes it exists and if he is willing to care for me.

He said "yes" to all of it and is as far as I can tell a very nice man and knowledgeable doc. The first thing he did was order blood tests and an ultrasound for a cyst I have in my ovary ( which he said needs to be monitored every year ( and its been 2 since the last ultrasound. So I really feel he is on the ball.

Fast forward two weeks later I go in as he wants to do a physical. He starts and listens to my heart and backs up and says has anyone ever diagnosed you with a specific heart murmur!!!!

I said no and he was quite shocked with all the tests I have had in the past two years.He showed me a diagram and said that I have some type of valve regurgitation and blood is flowing back into the heart cavity. He also said you need to also see a cardiologist and sent me for an ECG and now an echo-cardiogram this week as well.

Wow am I glad I went to see him and had the courage to change doctors. I have a few of you here to Thank for this. So if I had the money ( which I don't ) I would send you all a big bunch of flowers...

I am doing this in my heart ..OK He also said it could be part of the reason for some of my fatigue , stair climbing problems etc , along with the fibro.

So dear Racheal I cannot thank you enough for your support, all of you out there in cyber land who have helped me to be a better advocate for myself. I am so glad I found this site and the support I have received well could possibly have saved my life. I will keep you all informed.

Even if it is not too serious I have been telling my husband for months ... there is something else going on and no one is getting it because I think my old doc just labelled me as some kind of complainer. I asked her months ago to please check out my heart and she said no not wasting money where it shouldn't be.

So I do believe to some doctors they only see the fibro and put it under that ... every issue we have

So Thanks again my friends , I feel very blessed today!!! Big Hugs and hope you are all having a great day Lisa

Dear Lisa,

I am so very glad that you took Rachel's advice and found your current Dr. Getting news like this is never easy, but you can't even begin to fix something until you get the diagnosis! I have a husband and wife team as my GPs and she has always told me to listen to my body!

So glad you are getting the good care that you deserve!



Thanks . It feels really good after so long!!

Whew and congratulations, Lisa!!! Your old doctor was something else to tell you she wasn't going to "waste money where it shouldn't be (wasted.)" What the????? Man. I'm just astonished at her attitude. My doc makes me take EKGs every time I mention chest pain, even if I can tell it's not my heart. Thank GOD that you found your new doc! And thank God he found the murmur and sent you to a specialist. And yeah, a heart problem could affect your energy level. So I hope you can get this problem fixed ASAP and find more energy than you currently have. Please let us know how this goes!

Thank Petunia girl, I am really stress frre at least about the care I am being given right now for the first time in a long time. Big Hugs Patti