Found a little energy?

Hey everyone,

so I recently have started taking Magnesium, two tablets twice a day. I originally started doing this because magnesium can be a natural muscle relaxant, and I hate having to take muscle relaxers so much. And while it has been helping my muscles relax a little more, I am more surprised by the increased amount of energy I have! I have started to feel less exhausted and weak, which is amazing because before I was actually bed ridden quite often (all at the ripe age of 21).

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is interested. Its natural and I figure a lot better to take than prescriptions if they help you!

Hope this helps somebody.

Blessings and prayers

That’s awesome! What is the exact type and dosage? I want to try too!

Hi Ahava, you are so right !!! Magnesium is a wonderful supplement :slight_smile: one that has helped me also, I actually take a calcium & magnesium supp, and a magnesium with Malic acid & D3, the first one is a liquid

The list of benefits from magnesium is huge :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this
dee B

Thanks for sharing dee B! I agree!

mrsg, mine comes in a white bottle, the label says Magnesium Glycinate 400 (dietary supplement). I take 2 daily. I believe I got it at natural grocer's also. Hope this helps! Magnesium has been a God send thus far! I am finally able to go on walks and clean again!