Foot Dr discusses circulation for the foot, a must see!

Our friend Terri (aka Tez) posted this on our Raynaud's site and I was so impressed, I wanted to share it with everyone! So, lets talk about feet!

I don't know about those socks or the separators, I imagine they're tough to get used to, but I do go to a shoe store that carries wide width shoes and always have my foot measured, and tell them that my feel swell.

Also for that hot pepper cream, I can tell you it is HOT and to be careful going to the bathroom and wiping even after washing your hands very well!!!

I can't watch it right now cause my sis just went to bed in her room and would hear it if I play it but i can affirm that toe seperators are hard to wear. i ditched mine after a day because they were too painful for me to wear. Maybe other people have better experiences with them.

Oh and yeah, hot pepper cream IS very hot, you're right about that! A certain type of pepper, capsicum, supposedly does help with pain, but sheesh, you really have to be thick skinned to use capsicum cream!

Hi SK, I can’t get it to open on my I-pad, but I will take a look tomm when I go on my lap top,
I have to say though, there is nothing more important than a good shoe, with proper fit !!
I love the Walking Co. It’s more expensive , but with back pain I’d rather buy One or two good pair of shoes that are comfortable, than have 20 pair that I can’t wear. Walking is hard enough…
Hugs & blessings