Follow-up to appointment for Disability Benefits

So I did take all the steps to report the government appointed doctor...I haven't heard anything back in that regard as of yet. I did, however, receive a call this morning from the government as they wanted to give me an appointment to go see a Psychiatrist. I'm not sure if this means that I passed their examination with the creepy doctor and now moving onto the next step or is this just normal procedure? I know every country is different, but for those of you who have been through this process could maybe give me your opinions.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.


Hi DC, I don't have experience with disability but I wanted to say I am really glad you took all the steps to report that creepy government doctor, from what you said it sounds like he was totally out of line. I am glad you took steps to advocate for yourself! Have a wonderful day, HUGS!


I think this is part of the normal process. Several people I no have been sent to a psychiatrist after they saw the doctor. The company who is handling my claim said I would probably be sent to one at a later date. I hope all goes well for you.

If I were you, I'd tell the Psych about the creepy MD, they, by law, have to report abuse. Once you get that off your chest, you can have a pleasant talk.


hi.. i remember about that creepy doc and glad you did report that awful behavior. as far as the psychiatrist it is the normal procedure to go through. thanks for the update and all the best to you and as always HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Thank you for your support and validation! I guess this is the normal process as some of you have is just so unnerving. Am I suppose to be some nut case in order to receive benefits? lol Seriously, I am being followed by a psychologist which has helped me a lot...especially in regard to processing my feelings and emotions after cancer treatments last year. Maybe I should bring some kind of letter from my psychologist as he know's a whole lot more about me than would this psychiatrist will in an hour and a half. I will ask him next week when I go for my appointment. Would anyone know what they are looking for or needing to hear? Just curious...

Thank you purplebutterfly! I'll keep you posted how this appointment will is only at the end of November. How do you feel about waiting to get word about an appointment with a psychiatrist?

Not sure if this would be wise because when they will conduct an investigation on this creep, it will be done anonymously. My own doctor wants me to wait to get the response from the government and should it be negative, we will take action then.

Hi DC. I was never sent to a medical doctor by SS but I was sent to a psychiatrist. Since my claim stated that I was having cognitive and memory problems, Fibro Fog, the psychiatrist testing centered around those issues as well as how I was dealing with my memory problems. Due to my memory issues I have a very difficult time learning new tasks and he wanted examples of these problems. I frequently get lost when driving around our small town, I forget who I am talking to on the phone during the conversation, I forget conversations have ever happened. I will have the remote in my hand and all of the sudden I don;t know what it is for. And I also frequently have trouble finding the right words to use in conversation.

The psychiatrist stated that he felt I would be at a disadvantage in the job market. I did receive my disability after my second appeal. I was scheduled for my hearing date but the lawyer for the judge submitted it to the judge and it was approved right away.. Each state administers their own application process and so times to have you claim approved or denied can take forever. Luckily my only took 9 month.

Good luck in this difficult journey.


Hi Traci,

Thank's for the good wishes and your feedback! Mine is not at the appeal in Canada we can ask for a review of the first denial and if that too is denied then I can appeal. It is a long and difficult journey to say the least. I first applied for disability at the beginning of 2013...I think they make the journey difficult in the hopes that people will get discouraged and drop out. My memory and cognitive skills are in question too as far as losing my train of thought when speaking with someone...remembering where I put things...I do search for my words and at times even stutter I have trouble grasping things when reading, doing my finances, typing etc. If someone leaves me a voicemail with a return phone number, I am too slow to take the info down and have to keep going over the message and even at that I often invert my numbers. Put it this way I wouldn't hire me if I was an employer...through this you lose your confidence and feel inadequate too. I used to be quick and on the things have changed. I am also told that on top of fibro fog, the chemo also contributes to memory loss etc. I used to be so quick and on the ball...I prided myself on my excellent memory...that person has been gone now. So I am not sure if they will view these symptoms as severe enough...the whole process just makes me nervous. Thanks again Traci for sharing and best wishes to you too!



I live in Indiana. I had to go to a physical exam (except my doctor wasn't creepy- he was really nice). I also had an appointment for a psych exam. (She was not so nice) - (made it a little scary). I believe it is pretty standard to have both of these exams for disability. On the bright side it sounds like you are towards the end of the process. But it could still take a few weeks before completion and you getting money.

Just curious - how much research did you do about getting disability? I did extensive research. Got my disability in 5 months.

hi again. the psychiatrist appointed from the SS asked me who was the president,the year and date. he had me count backwards from 100 by 4's. he gave me about 5 words to remember and later on he asked me what they were. I can not remember if there was more but then again the medical doc from the SS didnt spend too much time with me either. These docs dont know us personally and i bet they dont care much for this part of their job. its like a quicky exam and some paper work. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Hi Sue. I did not realize that you are from Canada but it sounds like the process is similar to that here in the US. They definitely hope people will just accept the denial and give up. Hang in there. I found the whole process very stressful but when I was finally approved I felt very validated and it was definitely a turning point for me.

My symptoms are so similar to what you are dealing with I could have written that paragraph too. I have all but given up reading novels because I can't follow the plot and I have to keep re-reading so many pages that I just gave up.

I am having a difficult time writing tonight so I am going to sign off for now.



Hi Suzie,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I was told the appointment with the psychiatrist will last about an hour an a half. I'm not sure if they care or not...I think they work for the government and are paid to do what they ask. I'm so skeptical now after the last experience, but do hope that maybe this doctor will be a little nicer and that the appointment goes well and quickly! Just from what you described, I would not do well at all. Have a nice weekend!



Thanks Traci for taking the time to write...I know it's not easy for you :( I do believe the process is similar and I appreciate all the feed back I have been receiving. It does help to have some idea of what to expect. I do get frustrated when reading a book as not only do I have to go over and re-read some parts that I cannot grasp or fully understand, it puts me to sleep. I have bought a few books recently and with good intentions...I start to read them, but like you I don't enjoy it as I used to. I'm just so much slower with everything. Stupid thing I did today and thank God I caught it on time. I wanted to heat up my magic bag in the microwave and I put my reading glasses in their instead! lol I find myself doing a lot of silly things like my mind isn't there. I hope I made you laugh! Don't feel obliged to write back...

Enjoy your weekend...hugs,


I received a letter today in the mail from the College of Doctors the place I made the report on Doctor Evil. It was a confirmation that they received it and that they will be doing an investigation. However, and this part really bothered me...they said they will have to talk to this Doctor to get his version...and by the law he cannot contact me. I called them to say that I was told this would be anonymous. As this person was not there I left a message also saying that my fear is that until a decision is rendered toward my disability benefits, I do not want Doctor Evil knowing who is making the complaint. Do they actually believe that this doctor is going to tell the truth or not sugar coat the way he spoke to me? I thought an investigation would be done in a way of seeing if any other documentation supports misconduct on this doctor. Why the heck would I bother to take the time to report this...for the thrill of it? They also mentioned that I cannot get financial compensation from them and if I want to pursue that I would have to take it to court. It never even entered my mind to get anything out of this for myself let alone money. I wrote it was to ensure that this doctor never treats another patient in the manner he treated me! Like most government people, they have not returned my phone assured I will call back on Monday! I'm hanging in there, but man I never bargained for all of this! Don't know if I would even have the energy to take this to the next level and appeal. Okay one step at a time...just a little worn with the whole process!

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful weekend!


My initial application for disability benefits was sent in early 2013...Of course I had all my ducks in a row and well prepared! I was turned down the first time and our process here in Canada is to request a review of this decision. I did nothing different, but to resend my doctor's signed report and relevant documentation from all my specialists. It was shortly after that I was called and given appointments to be evaluated by their doctors.

It has been a rough two years first fibro and then cancer...I'm hanging in there and remain hopeful. As most of us on here know and have experienced this long and daunting process, you got lucky and one of the rare few to receive benefits within 5 months.

I was told by my medical team who helped and supported me last year to not be discouraged as everyone gets turned down the first time. Quebec, Canada is no different from the rest of the World and does not recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability. So, I don't believe any amount of research is what makes or breaks the decision...

Just curious...have you not read other members stories on here in regard to this subject?

Hi Nykki,

Thank's for your message. I am so sorry to hear of all that you are dealing with. I'm glad your therapist backed you up and it certainly did help when you went for the appointment with the psychologist. Here in Canada they send us to a psychiatrist. I am seeing a psychologist since the beginning of the year and a social working before that temporarily until a psychologist became available. I am going to ask him if he can give me a report to bring with me just as you did and hope this will help. My appointment is November 26th and one worry I have is finding someone to come with me. I live over an hour out of the city and that is without traffic...I am very nervous as I never go into the city as it stresses me out and in turn makes my pain worse. The time they have given the appointment puts me the end of the day traffic as well as being dark! At that time of year it is very likely we could have snow as well. Just the anxiety of the whole thing has put me in a flare...sounds stupid I know. I am going to see what I can do up until then to find someone to drive and accompany me. If not, I am going to call the government back to see if they have another solution for me. I was told if I could not make the appointment that I better have a very good reason. Long story short, I will be glad when the whole ordeal is over. Right now, I am going through other testing in regard to follow-up to the cancer diagnosis I had last year. Unavoidable and unpleasant, but necessary. This will be a fact of life for me every 3 months for the next 3 years. Stress, stress stress lol Not funny, but I'm sure you can relate with all the appointments you have had. Thank you for your prayers and I will pray for you as well and hope your physical exam went well. Please give me some news on how it went.

Hugs and prayers,


Hi Nykki,

Good point and I already did and they said no. Their reason is that with a specialist like a psychiatrist it is not easy to change appointments as it takes months to get an appointment in the first place. I asked if he could at least accommodate me with the time of day so that I would not be in traffic and in daylight and again he said no. As well, I had an appointment with my psychologist this morning and he feel's it will serve no purpose to give me a report from him to bring to the psychiatrist as he say's it will mean nothing to him as they only take the word of a specialist. So there you's not like I don't try or think of these things...maybe things are slightly more severe here. Thanks for the suggestion just the same.

Have a good day.