Foam roller, where have you been all my fibro life?

So let me just say my friend who is a trainer said I should try rolling my body all over on this styrofoam noodle looking thingy cause it will help my fibro pain. “Yeah right! How is this gonna help my fibromyalgia pain?,” I said. Well… it hurts to do it but let me tell you I felt better right away afterwards. It gets circulation going and reenergizes nerves and detoxes muscles. I would highly recommend it for fibro muscular and nerve pain now.

Has anyone else here tried it?


It’s also called trigger point therapy or myofascial release. Here’s a great site on it--

I went slowly using a wall at times for my support and it was not easy but my legs are much looser and feel better. I know I will be sore tomorrow but it will pass they say. Be sure only to use the longest styrofoam one.

Hi Laurie,

Ah yes, the noodle. Yep, I had one for awhile. I tried using it for my bad back/hip/butt/SI joint. I found that it hurt a lot to do it (getting on it was interesting enough) and then I felt sick afterwards, like I was getting the flu. Probably detoxing the muscles, as you say, but I didn't feel better from it. But I'm glad to know that it helps you, and maybe it'll help others too!

Sorry it made you feel sick, Petunia.
It definitely hurts to do but it feels like productive pain to me instead of just pain for sake of pain.
Did you try it more than once?

Be sure to drink lots if water to help with detoxing after foam rolling too.

Productive pain is good! That's what a good massage feels like. Nah, I've done the noodle repeatedly and I never get any benefit from it. And I really hate pain and have no tolerance for it...heh heh, kinda funny, all things considered. But if it works for you, that's awesome. I think it's a case of it will help some people while others are too sensitive for it.

Ohhhhh, maybe that was my mistake! But I've already given the roller away...

Lol Ask for it back, girl. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Feeling even better today. Hope this isn’t too good to be true. :wink:

Go slowly and be sure to drink alot next few days afterwards.

I was almost painfree and loose today and my mood has been excellent. I am sorry if I seem a little too enthusiastic, I can’t hardly believe it myself, but this foam rolling has really helped. I hope it lasts! I will keep you all posted on progress.