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FMS AND IBS recipes, tips, etc


I was diagnosed with FMS AND IBS. My doctor strongly recommended that I follow a hypoglycemic diet. Is anybody out there who has to deal with this? If so, what tips, suggestions, recommendations or other (whatever it may be) have you tried? Has it been helpful? Thanks for all your input, I really appreciate it!


I do too and I get sick every morning,same thing everyday. I wake up wish stomachs ache and have 2-4 morning runs to the bathroom then I am beside myself for hours after with nausia (I mayor may or may not puke I usually don’t) and an itchy behind :frowning: I’m so sick of getting sick! I for years have known about the IBS since I was a kid and I feel like I know what triggers it I’m vegan and I eat very healthy. Yet one day it started every morning and hasn’t stopped for months! Anybody else have advice for ibs and fms please respond :tired_face: