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I am still working and have an FMLA. Last year everything was normal, I could just call in, but suddenly this year, HR needs a note from the doctor's office each time I'm out even though my FMLA says I will be out sick 3-4 x month.

So each time I'm out sick with Fibro pain, or a Migraine, or IBS, or Gluten Intolerance I have to get a note from the doctor's office. I feel like I'm being expected to get a note from my mommy. AND then when I call the doctor's office I feel like I'm bothering them, even though I'm doing exactly what they said to do as far as getting a note faxed to work. I feel like they're over hearing from me already.

Does anyone else have these problems?

Termination or a change in my job is eminent, but just the threat. You know how stress makes Fibro, Migraines, IBS worse...

Don't tell me to call in if that's not what I'm supposed to do.

Don't tell me to have this paperwork filled out by my doctor if I'm going to have to have them contact you each time I'm feeling bad anyway.

So then I come in on really bad days. But should I stay out on even more of the really bad days?


Hello Ambien Girl,

So sorry to hear you are having these problems with work. Yes it must be awful to feel like you are having to produce a sick note, and bothering your Doc. P'raps you could have a word with HR, find out why things have changed? Also maybe review the FMLA? Whatever happens you should be proud of yourself for holding down a job - many of us Fibro-Warriors have not! Let us know how you get on.

Take care, Anne


Hi Ambien Girl,

I would definitely reccomend that you check with HR as to why the policy has changed and why you have to get a note each time. Just to be honest, isn't the purpose of FMLA to provide extra leave for a documented condition so you DON'T have to get a note each and every time? : ) That is my understanding anyway. My Supervisor told me, if I need to take FMLA leave for a few days, to note that on the leave request after my absence and no further details are needed.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for and information you need.




Hi Ambien Girl,

My husband's job is exactly the same way. They run so shorthanded in his dept. that he even has to provide a letter for each doctor visit BEFORE he goes to the doctor, and then a doctors note afterwords. His doctors have never minded, I do believe the letters are for the company to CYA in case the state/federal government has to look at their records.