Flare Up Again!

good morning everyone I hope ya ll are doing better than myself. Not that I honestly have good days anyways but atleast they are tolerable I guess I’m
Having a flare up AGAIN! So frustrating… I’m traveling tomorrow for my daughter n laws college graduation plus to see my beautiful Grandson and I don’t have time to be this sick. It started last Sat so my Dr called me in a steroid pack. Do you ever get to feeling normal? I’m on 400 mg plaquenil plus flexeril and meloxicam. I ve only been on plaquenil about 2 months now I also have Fibro and Sjorens to go with my Lupus.
Thanks for Listening

Hi Michelle. I so know how you feel. Have you ever tried Tramadol (ultram)? If I take it before the pain gets to bad it really has helped me. I take it about 4:30 and the night pain doesn't get to bad and I can sleep. Hopefully one day soon they will be able to find something that will help all of us in pain. Until then just hold on tight. Take care Fuzzy

So sorry been in a flare all week. The weather. Ask dr. about Lyrica it really helps. No you never feel normal again. What is normal anyway? It is chronic it will only get worse. Have had FMS for about 10 yrs. Everyday is different. Big hugs.

Hello Michelle,

So sorry to hear you're in a flare, especially when it is an important family time. I so feel for you, sometimes I find that if I pace myself sufficiently and push myself a little bit I can manage these things. Then loads of rest after! I also like to think of this as the new normal. There are lots of other bits of advice on here, on how to manage this condition without loads of Meds. Good luck and enjoy your lovely family time.

Take care, Anne

Hi Michelle,

I'm so sorry you are going through a flare. As far as getting to feel normal, there are definitely good days that go along with the bad days. The good days are what we look forward to. Just keep hope that this flare will end soon and good days are on the horizon : )

I hope you feel better soon.



Michelle, I just wanted to mention we also have wonderful Sjogren's and Lupus communities. Feel free to join!



Hi Michelle,

I am sorry you are feeling so miserable. I have to agree on pacing yourself. I am not sure what state you live in. But I live in Michigan and the wet/rainy weather has an effect on me. This is the first time I have been back to Ben’s Friends for some time. But the information and support you find here is a Godsend.

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Sending you good days ahead,


Annie, what part of Michigan are are your from? Im from Brighton