Finding Fibro's silver lining

As strange as this may sound I am trying to find ways to feel positively toward my Fibro because hating it is only making me feel worse.
Having Fibro has made me stronger in the face of life’s many adversaries.
Having Fibro has provided me with new understandings of and an even deeper compassion for other people especially the underserved.
Having Fibro has given me a very personal reason to fight for research toward a cure.
Having Fibro has given me a chance to meet you and meet new and wonderful people here in this community.

Do you feel positive towards your Fibro in any way? How has it changed you for the better?

Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

I love your positive approach.

I have found those to be true. I have a lot more compassion and understanding for others in simular situations. It has helped my character, and is making me a stronger person.



Having fibro has made me stronger in handling things.
It has made me more creative in finding energy short cuts
It has made me better able to advocate for myself with regards to healthcare
It has forced me to slow down and appreciate the small things
It has introduced me to the wonderful people on here who I never would have known.
Great topic Laurie. Hugs

Good discussion... I can relate to many of the positives you have stated...This has caused me to STOP and smell the roses instead of just passing them by, To see other people with greater compassion, to spend more time with my children and Grand Children, to fight for my health care and most of all to accept that which I cannot change... even if I do not like is what it is ! Now I take the time to educate myself on each diagnoses I get ( and that list keeps growing) . Most of all I did find this site and all of you because being able to see that I am not alone and others can relate to me has helped me so much in this journey.

I Thank BEN for giving all of us a place to come to for support and acceptance.

Huggs, Belinda

I live life to the fullest. I do what I want to do - to Hades with the norm!

I started my own business. I drive fast and sleep late (when I'm not working).

I've watched almost every horror flick on Netflix.

I even took charge of my 17 year old brother for his senior year because I knew I could provide a more stable home than my mom and step-dad.

I don't let anything hold me back... If I have a bad day, I sleep and watch movies. If not, I'm making something happen.

Life's too short, and this is disease is too hard, to do anything else!

That a good question, I think I’m in denial still…still angry…going though stages I guess…as the days go on I know it’s there some days more that others.

What of business do you have? I have tried and tried and unable to come up with any type of work I can do given my unreliability of not knowing how I will be feeling from day to day.

I have learned to slow down and appreciate life more.

I get to see my gandchildren more.

My mom has moved in.

I dont sweat the small stuff any more.

Thank you all for sharing what’s been positive about your journey with Fibro. I am just finding myself that it’s been helping me cope a little better lately to work with it and not against it by dwelling on whatever positives I can find.
Meeting its’ force with flexibility. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

I have learn to appreciate more the little things.
I take time for myself without feeling guilty.
I take things slower and stress less the day will still have 24 hours.
I have learned to love this new and different me!
I read more, laugh more, play more and enjoy everything…even the “bad” days.
I know I’m stronger by the day, as I’m more than fibro!
I listen to my body and know when to slow down.
I enjoy seeing my kids go to sleep and waking up to new experiences every single days!

Yes, in several way. I am more understanding of others and their pain and aches and fatigue. I have become an empath. Which is something I think you can learn. I can sense how others are feeling around me. In some ways it is more of a burden at time, but I know how to help people with their feelings and how to deal not just with physical issues but , spiritual, and other areas where having great empathy helps. That's why I loved when I had my support group. I felt like I could give back in ways I could not be before. It's tough when you are a 30 year old man and told by your body you can run and lift weights any more. But there is so much more out there to enjoy doing than just running my butt off and being in great shape, I was very vain. I still care a lot of how I look in public and you will never catch me out without a shower and my hair perfect, but you may see me out now with a somewhat wrinkled shirt. When I was first working in the business world when you really had to wear a dress shirt and suit, I would spend an hour just doing my shirt the night before work because even the dry cleaners could not do it the "right' way. I remember before I was ill I had a boat, I would spend the rest of Friday getting it ready to go out for the weekend. It had to be perfectly clean,my cars had to be spotless. Not anymore. It puts things into perspective for me.I used to be the guy had the best new car on the block. No I am happy with a 11 year old crown vic because it's big and safe. Scatches, dents and all, plus no car payment.. I know a lot of that changes as you get older. Yes somethings I wold love to run out and buy a new Caddy SRZ or Lincoln Navigator but why. Why spend 800 a month plus the crazy insurance when my crown vic has been paid off for 10 years.

I try to give more back of myself and i used to think it had to be something physical, I give what I can give and the way I can. No more self imposed guilt trips.

I enjoy a NetFlix marathon. Or just sitting on the porch. Or out to dinner. I know there will no more hiking, boat racing, I never really raced but now I know why my Mom always told me to slow down you are hitting the waves to hard.

I would not give up my fiends I have met with this for anything. It's just a part of me now. if I was cured tomorrow completely , I am not really sure what would change. Maybethat's a list I need to start a "what if" I don't have a bucket list, I don't feel like I've missed out on things. No I can chase my GrandDaughter's around the yard. It hurts to hold them up too long, but they are welcome to sit on my lap for hours and enjoy the NetFlix marathon that I am on....

Good topic, Hugs to all


I’m an insurance agent. I am my own agency, so no one can tell me I can’t take the day. It’s not easy, and it does require pushing yourself and being fearless - or at least be able to fake it.

Extreme sensitivity has gifted me the heightened ability to sense what’s going on for others-emotions, pain, etc. I can make them feel better somehow: by listeneing, intuition based massage, etc. I would love nothing more than to be able to help others heal themselves. In this way I see my fibro experience as a blessing, and it all seems to make much more sense. : )

I love the responses here in relation to finding positive elements with fibro. I am inspired and feel my spirit lifted by such powerful realizations you all added. I too have learned to slow down and appreciate the more simpler things in life. Time with family and friends, enjoying the beauty around me, my empathy for people in general and even more so for people suffering. So, thank you all for sharing so eloquently and honestly. Hugs!

I was feeling a tug at my sleeve from storm cloud Fibro and I just needed to look for another silver lining! :slight_smile:

Having Fibro has gotten me to appreciate the moments that make up my life instead of looking right past the extraordinary that was right in front of me all along. Thank you, Fibro.

Who’s with me? Old friends, new friends… Do you have any silver linings with your Fibro?

I am glad you brought this to the front again Laurie. I too have had a "stormy" day due to weather changes. However, as I was trying to rest, I was able to appreciate some flowers I had planted outside my bedroom window. They have been there all summer but today was the first day I really stopped and enjoyed them. So Fibro, thanks again for the reminder to slow down and appreciate all the wonderful things, big and small. Hugs.