Finally some progress....i'm getting a referral!

I went back to my doctor today for an earache. He said I was the “perfect picture of someone with fibromyalgia.” He’s supposed to be making a referral for me. I’m so glad to be making progress and not feeling like a crazy person.

I don’t have a “formal diagnosis” but he wrote it in my chart and is referring me to someone that can make a formal diagnosis. I’m just relieved to have made some, hopefully it won’t take forever to see the specialist and get a formal diagnosis so we can work on managing some of this pain.

I am trying to get myself to my Drs office and get a referral too. Do you know who he is sending you to? I may just ask to see my moms specialist in little rock. I hope you don't have to wait too long.

He mentioned a rheumatologist in North Little Rock (just down from Chuck E. Cheese) named Voina. He then had a nurse call me later to say he checked and she wasn’t in my insurance network. So he may send me to a neurologist in Searcy that specializes in Fibro (Peggy Brown). He said he would call different ones in my network that he’s heard good things about and see who can see me soonest.

I was happy too when I finally got my VALIDATION!!!! Once you get a diagnoses I believe you go through a few stages of realization... 1st being that you are not crazy or dying... 2nd that medications become a part of your life...3rd realization of how your life is changed...4th the will to fight to keep your life as normal as you can by learning everything you can to help yourself. O.K. so this is the way it has went for me... I am learning everyday.

I already take daily medicine (inhalers, singulair, loratadine, multivitamins, calcium, vitamin d) so I’m ok with medicine if I have to take it. I told my doctor I don’t want a lot of extra medicines and he said I can either go to a specialist, suffer without medicine, or he could refer me to a pain clinic…he didn’t mind doing whichever I wanted. I figured a specialist sounded like the best bet. Haha

Luckily, my fiance is being super supportive and is even willing to go to appointments with me if I want him to. I got a keeper. My mom also understands what’s going on so she’s being great about it all. I’m lucky to have some great people in my life. :slight_smile:

Ive heard good things about Peggy Brown just not in reference to fibro. If you use her let me know how you feel about her. My mom uses Dr James Abraham for her rheumatoid arthritis. He is in little rock by Baptist Hospital off 630. Most insurances accepted at WCMC are also accepted by him. Good luck and keep us posted