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Finally some answers


Well It has been a while since I have been here but I can finally say that I have been diagnosed with fibro. After years of different Dr.s telling me its nothing ,its age,its all in my head, and so on, I finally found the Dr. to say Yes thats what you have. Actually he told me I was a textbook case. He was actually surprised that the other specialists I have seen hadn't said anything . and was really shocked when I told him the Neurologist told me to live "soft" and watch Kung Fu Panda. It is amazing how much weight has been lifted just to finally hear the diagnosis. Now I can start to get the help I need.


I am so happy that you finally got a doctor to listen to you. It took me a few doctors until I found the one who really understood my symptoms. She is very through each time I see her and she looks at the whole person.
I hope you are able to get the right combination of medications. It took me a while and I do water therapy weekly to help along with staying away from sugar and alcohol.
Best wishes and keep us all posted.


Hello Angela,

Just to say I am at least glad you have some answers, and can now move forwards with how you manage this condition. Wish you well

Take care, Anne


Hi . Just stopped in to say hello to you
All the best


Great that you're now on the path to moving forward and coping positively!