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Finally got a hearing for disability after two years


I finally received a hearing for February for disability. I have not been able to work for two years now and my lawyer came into the picture one and a half years ago. It has been so hard not to be able to contribute to my family. I was always able to at least work part time. Now I am in pain all of the time. When I get stressed out, it gets so much worse. Please pray for me that I am approved. I have nothing else to look forward to as far as an income goes. It would be nice to actually have an income again.


Go to the Discussion section Health insurance & Disability, in this section go to disability hearing written by tiredmama, hopefully it will help you & others. M


I just popped in to send you all the best for your well being


Beat of luck, Nikki. We’ll be thinking of you.


I'm thinking of you and others doing through the disability process.I've been through it and it took a look by time Jan 2011 applied for disability was denied trampolines for reconsideration and denied again.A disability Attorney Robert Engler n BURLINGTON,Iowa was hired on the advice of a family friend and attorney.That was summer 2012and I had my ALJ hearing on June 19,2013.I knew when I left that I had won my case based on the vocational experts testimony.It's worth the time and effort to get it.The attorney can take 25 percent of your settlement up to$6,000.if you have anymore QUESTIONS just ask.Your attorney wouldn't take your case if they didn't think the case can be won.Good luck let us know what happens.Those of us who have been through the process understand what your going through.We're here for you.Your in my thoughts and prayers!


I was in your shoes a few years back before I knew about this site. I was given no guidance a completed all the forms online and then waited. Can’t remember how long before I got my rejection letter and was devasted. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Thankfully I have a large circle of friends and started asking who could recommend a Social Security Disability attorney. Well my friends led me to a great firm and then started the long process. They outlined the process and I kept records of everything to support my claim. I was missing a psychologist evaluation they said to help support my case. Thankfully I knew of a great one so started my evaluation and sessions. Then he subscribed medications for my depression and met with him regularly. I was fortunate to be 60 and had good insurance through my pension I started drawing on so I could survive. My Rhemotologist was awesome with documenting my symptoms and treatment. She assisted in doing her part with the documents needed by my attorney. As all this went on until I finally got my hearing and seemed like a long time. My attorney called me in a few times to update me on the process. Once we had the hearing I was so nervous but he explained what would happen and put me at ease. At the hearing the attorney stated what he would ask me and just asked I tell the truth and answer only the question, another words don’t go on and on. Well that sometimes is hard for me, but I focused on each question and chose my words carefully. The hearing took about an hour and the attorney spoke as necessary pointing out certain documents in my file. We left the hearing and my attorney said I did a good job and that we would just have to sit and wait for the decision letter. Months and months went on and no letter. Then one day I checked my bank account online and saw a large deposit, it was my back pay and I was shocked. It wasn’t until 2-3 weeks later I got my decision letter. As you could imagine I was surprised to see the delist before the letter, but was so relieved I was finally over.
So wishing you the very best at your hearing. Walk in confident and tell your story. Wishing you the very best and please let me know how your hearing went.

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I hope it all goes well for you


I'm praying for you. I was denied and am now in the reconsideration stage. I started with a lawyer so I hope that helps. I filed in September of last year. I know how you are feeling about contributing to the family again. I feel the same way. Best of luck to you and I hop you are not waiting much longer.


I was denied at the hearing level. I am now awaiting at the apellate level, where chances are good, I will be denied again. Three years without being able to work, I cannot take this. I am so very angry and disappointed that it is so very hard to get disability with this disease, and now I have arthritis on top of all of this.