Finally got a diagnosis, and a prescription of 600MG of Gabapentin

So dr. Said I have a mild case of FM, but have myalgia due to stress & anxiety?! So he has me going to get a bunch of labs done, started me on 300 mg of the Gabapentin for 7 days then full dose at 600mg after that. I am to take it at bed and to get off my Ativan and ambien for sleep and only use this medication. It will be 7 days tomorrow still achy but pain has lessened, side effect so far of the medication is feeling drunk, causes me to be very dizzy and makes my eyes super unfocused, I am on 90 mg of Cymbalta but that has done nothing for the pain but has caused night sweats so past two nights I have had little sleep due to the waking up uncomfortable to night sweats, so today I found I was very sleepy, could not seem to hold anything heavy for long periods and was really achy! The side effects have not bothered me since I take medication at night but with less sleep it seems to cause me the dizziness and unfocused eyes all day… Hoping tonight I sleep well before going back to work in morning cannot imagine working with these side effects!

Hoping this helps glad to finally have some answers just hope it stays minimal in pain cause I currently have felt 65 as apposed to my 35 yr age!!! My husband is worried he may be needing to carry me and get a wheel chair if I continue on with this pain/exhaustion in years to come…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Im on gabapentin by my dr im at 400 mg x3 day If it affects you like it does me youll notice some sleepiness so careful youll notice also if your like me that you have moments of total spacing out and occasional mute moments where you know what you want to say but you cant spit it out and if you can its not the right ones that get spat out but its a ok pain blocker on low days for mw but i hear it works wonders for others who knows let me know k?


Hi Diane and welcome to the fibro circus. All of us have one particular circus act that fibro makes us do, such as dropping things, falling down, etc.

I am on the cousin of Gabapentin, Lyrica, and it made me feel super drunk for at least a month. Dizzy as can be. Eyes jumping around, which makes me feel weak and tired. the super drunk dizziness left after about a month but the eye problem persists. So I'm tired a lot and need to rest a lot.

Like you, I find this family of drugs to be helpful in reducing fibro pain.

Are you on Cymbalta as well as Lyrica? I've heard many a person complain about getting horrific sweats from Cymbalta so you're not alone. In fact, that seems to be its biggest drawback.

Getting little sleep will definitely make you feel more achy over the following few days. Resting is super important to us with fibro. The reason is that fibro smashes us much harder if we don't rest.

I hope some of this info is helpful to you. I'm glad the Gabapentin is helping you. That's a good thing.



hi diane... i was on 300 mg of gabapentin 3 x a day but it was for gran mal siezures. it did not help me with pain so doc did try to increase the dose but it did not agree with me on higher doses. i dont remember what it was . i had no effects of sleepiness or drunkedness. everyone reacts differently and some folks do get relief from pain. i hope it works well for you.