Hi, I have been told to try this supplement-Fibroplex. Have any of you taken this with good results? It’s supposed to reduce muscle tenderness. Please share experiences.

Thanks, lovelies!

Hi Laurie! I've taken that FibroplexPlus - the company that makes it we've discovered has some legal issues. Health claims that aren't backed by research, etc. Having said that, I did "feel" better. Not sure if it was just that I was taking a multi-vitamin that got me the different things my bodies low in (and thus other kinds might be just as effective if it's all it is). And I don't know that it reduce my muscle tenderness, but I did feel better. I was also adding other things into my treatment program at the time, so how much it helped I also can't say. What I can say is whether with Fibroplex or some other quality multi-vitamin or individual supplements getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, especially the ones you're low on, is very important!

Personally I like using Raw Meal powder or Organic Rice protein powder, either by themselves or in smoothies, to get that kind of stuff. I take individual supplements as well for the things I know I'm really low in. I have felt the best that way and when I feel better I always tolerant my pain better, even if the tenderness itself doesn't go down - I can handle it better. Not sure I was of any help, but it's certainly not bad to try it out and see how you feel. One word of warning, it might make you feel like you've got the flu the first couple of days. It's just flushing out all the toxins in your body! Anytime I've had a gap in taking those kinds of things I feel awful for 3 or 4 days and then feel better. I happened to have leaky gut syndrome so I tend to "fill up" on toxins. lol Anyway, just wanted you to know if that's how you feel - it's normal and will be over in a few days! =)

Best of luck! Hope and pray things go well for you and that you get feeling better!!

Warm, gentle hugs,


Hi Laurie,

I've taken Fibroplex Plus and Fibroplex for a number of years. I know this company well, and their supplements are a higher priced because they send them out to a separate company to assay them! That costs money, but that means what they say they have in there products, they do! Which is not an easy thing to find, now a days.

So about these products: They are wonderful, both help me a lot. The Fibroplex is for maintenance of FMS, the Plus is for flare ups.

I wish you well with them, hope you try both. Note: I'm sensitive to Malic Acid, which are in most FMS supplements, so I take the tablets separate. I take up to 4 daily, at different times.



Hi Laurie. I've tried the Fibroplex when it was recommended by a naturopath in 2009. I also tried it again recently. I know some do have good results with it, but it doesn't help me. It has magnesium, manganese and malic acid. I think those are all of supplements in it. Magnesium, of course, soothes our aching bodies.

Try it. It might work for you! Right now I'm trying another supplement that a friend has had great results with. Univera makes a supplement that supports cell reproduction. Since she sponsors people with fibro to help them out I thought I'd be foolish not to try it as well. I have taken an upward turn this winter, but I made two major changes at the same time. One is the Univera the other medical marijuana products. I also eliminated corn syrups and all artificial sweetners. Basically switched coffee drinks out for some lovely teas.

Let us know how it goes BB. I would be very interested to know.

I'm going to get some of the Organic Rice Protein powder, Butterflydragon. I have heard of it somewhere else. What is the Raw Meal powder made of?

Hi Laurie! I have not tried Fibroplex yet. If you decide to try it, please let me know how it works out for you. I still have my very favorite supplement that I keep on hand anytime I start to hurt too much, its Curamed. There is also a Curamin. Both are made by Terry Naturally. I've never tried anything that has worked so completely and quickly for my pain. I even had a friend with a sports injury who had been given Vicodin by her physician (which didn't help her at all) say that Curamed worked on her immediately. She hasn't gone back to that doc since. Both Curamed and Curamin work amazingly well. But, I'm always open to trying new stuff, so if you find that Fibroplex works, I would love to hear about it.

Hope you find relief soon! Gentle Hugs!

- Cassie

Thanks Butterflydragon. Your link answered my question. Looks like it's purely natural and organic. It also caused me to do some more reading on the Univera product I've been using. I discovered that the cell renewal product I've been using has artificial sweetners in it. I am really disappointed. I have just ordered more. Wish I hadn't.

Oh well...

Thanks for sharing experiences. :slight_smile: I will keep everyone posted on results. Hope it helps me. I have alot of muscle pain.


That's a bummer! I hate it when that happens. I'm glad I could answer your question. Hope all going well for you and that you're feeling better!