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Fibromyalgia Diagnosis


Hi- What are the benefits of getting an actual diagnosis of Fibro? How is is done? Are there a lot of expensive tests involved? I have had an MRI to rule out MS b/c of constant tingling 9 pins and needles) in left hand , foot and thigh. I have most of the symptoms, I only see my GP . I like her and trust her.
Thank you all so much! I am so happy and grateful to have found this site.


Hi Lisa,

The benefit of getting diagnosed is that at least you know what your dealing with. :blush: I was able to get disability because of it. It was not a lot of tests in my case. Some blood work to rule out something’s and physical to pinpoint the tender spots.

I only see my GP as well. He gave me a diagnosis in 2010. He did send me to another doctor who agreed with the diagnosis. She said all I needed was water therapy and trazadone for sleep and I would be great.

It’s very frustrating because I have not really found a doctor who is knowledgeable of fibro, my GP does try. :blush:

I hope things go well for you!

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