Fibromyalgia, CFS, Gulf War Syndrome and RA all linked to Mycoplasmal Infections!

Though these Doctors' published papers are 13 years old, there is some very interesting information here, just read over the symptoms, and you will find that they are posted in every discussion, are present on every profile.

So this is yet another facet of Fibro, CFS, GWS, and RA! BTW, they are considered 'Infectious Diseases' by these and other professionals!

yes those are severe illnesses indeed. I have had a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for 28 years. I have had cytomegalovirus and mycoplasma has been a very rough journey for me and my family. I wish and pray all the best for those who suffer and for the families who suffer as well and stick by/ hugs , xoxoox

Oh suzie, that is a LONG time to battle such a horrendous illness! You would have thought that our researchers would have found an antibiotic (or something) to zap it by now! We can only hope it's right around the corner.

I applaud your fight! I admire your courage!

Sending some love,


It all started out for me with a raging case of Lyme disease that was so bad that I couldn't even walk by myself by the time I was diagnosed. I live in Ga. And in 1989 it was considered an " up north" disease, so it took a long time for Lyme to be considered as a cause. Antibiotics and steroids seemed to cure me for about six months, then symptoms started reoccurring. I was treated again with stronger iv antibiotics, got well again. Ive been sick off and on ever since then. I no longer test positive for Lyme, so now I am considered to have FM and lupus. But I often wonder how can one person get three such bad diseases.

Dear tracy

Yes. How is it that getting one of the ugly diseases seems to invite the other ones in as well? Are they all part of the same over-arcing illness?

I'm sorry it took you so long to get Lyme treatment and it had already more or less morphed into fibro. What a shame that the medicines couldn't cure it and that no one believed that the ticks could occur in the South as well. I'm not exactly sure why that thinking was popular back in the 80's. Does GA have few deer?

My sister got it last summer, got bit by a tick unknowingly and was deathly ill, babbling and unable to walk, less than 1 week after the initial bite. The antibiotics seem to have done the trick but she recently got bit again, she thinks. She got another course of the antibiotics but I'll tell you, knowing what you and I have, I really worry about her coming down with it too, esp. given the tick bites. However, all I can say is that Lyme made my fibro look like a walk in the park. I don't wish it on anyone and don't know WHY a vaccination for it had been withdrawn years ago.

SK, I meant to say that I didn't really understand this article. It seemed to infer that infections caused fibro, although I may well have been reading it wrong. I wish it had been a bit easier to read. I'm always up for new research on fibro.

I have read a lot of articles by drs who are very aggressive about treating Lyme and they also believe that all fibro is really chronic Lyme disease. Im really confused, not sure what to believe. Im so worried about your sister though. I hope she has a Dr who is well informed. Actiually, there are a ton of deer in ga, but at the time it was just known to be in Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Hi Pet,

I know, Doctors papers are often hard to understand. What I gathered from it was a look at these diseases from a common infection incurred standpoint, rather than from the cause being just any infection related, or generalized as traumatic causes.

So after defining mycoplasma you can see the link of lung infection (M. pneumoniae) and pelvic inflammatory diseases that tie many with fibromyalgia, and CFS, GWS, and even RA to this type of infection. I think I was more surprised to see RA listed than the other 3.

The name Mycoplasma, from the Greek mykes (fungus) and plasma (formed),

Make a little more sense now?

Also makes me wonder about a specific illness from the arid climates everywhere in the US known as 'dessert sickness' for which Oil of Oregano is used, to the constant eye infections of the ancient Egyptians. Could it be the reason they used Kohl on their eyes, meaning to deflect the sunlight from disease weakened eyes. You know their life span was generally 30-35 years, could this infection be the reason?