Fibromyalgia and Attention Deficit Disorder / The Connection

I was wandering if anyone struggles with ADD or the symptoms. I haven’t been diagnosed, yet. But I plan on looking into this because I just recently found all this information on add relating to the fibromyalgia. I feel like it might be the answer to my problems.
I’ve had fm for about 13 years now and it’s just getting to be so hard to stick with anything that helps me. I know how to eat right. But I don’t know how to stay focused. And the same goes for exercising. I feel like I’m making improvements and I have a set back or a bad day and I can’t seem to bring myself around again. Especially in the winter, when my pain and fatigue last a longer period of time. Then I have to re-motivate myself again. And everything I do is compulsive. Like the way I eat. I feel like it really holds me back. Years ago I was on a good regiment, I exercised all the time, and because I was doing that, it was easier for me to be more focused on my food plans. But now since I have fm I can’t stick with the exercise because of pain and fatigue, so nothing else works right.
I’m going to see my rheumatologist next week and I plan on bringing this to her attention. Because I also heard that when you are diagnosed with ADD they put you on the medication. I read some testimonials on that and how so many people were pleased with the results of the medication and how it gave their life back. They were also able to go off some or all of there pain medications too. That would be a big help, That and being able to focus again and be more alert would be such a blessing.
Does anyone else know about this or have those issues? I just wandered because I’m not sure if my rheumatologist is who I would see for this. I know my primary Doctor does not prescribe add medication, she told me once before I would have to see a specialist. But now that it’s related to fibromyalgia, maybe she knows about it. I hope she can help!
Thanks for reading this. I hope it can help someone else too.

Hi . I did not know about the add relation to fibro or the meds given . Are these ritilan type meds ?

I have fm but my original diagnosis was a severe case of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome . I do have short term memory deficit but I don’t know exactly what is causing it for me. When I became ill I developed various neurological problems such as seizures , aphasia , vertigo and migraine . I am taking various meds and I am doing much better except for the short term memory . I wish you all the best and send you



Ps let me know what more you find out and success in treating you

Hello Lori,

It will be interesting to see what other members experience of this is. I totally 'get' how other things in life impact on this tricky condition. Whether it be another condition, illness or just plain stress! All very important. Wish you well, and hope you can share what you have found out.

Take care, Anne

My youngest son has ADD which wasn’t picked up until he was 14, even though I had discussed with his school the problems he was having, in the end I took him to the GP to get a referral instead. Some of his symptoms I can relate to, being unable to focus and concentrate, but I think brain fog can account for that. But we sort of understand each other really well, maybe because there could be some overlapping somewhere along the line. He was also diagnosed with “Severs disease” aged 8 which causes severe pain in his feet due to inflammation of tissue around bones not yet fused (which should be fused by late teens). He’s now 23 and still gets pain in his feet when walking too long as well as knee pain, neck pain. As well as having fibromyalgia I have psoriatic arthropathy which affects joints and tissue, I was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy which took the form of “absences” which I must have grown out of. My eldest son was diagnosed with dispraxia when he was about 11. I’m wondering if all these conditions are connected genetically in some way as thinking back one of my brothers was the clumsiness person I’ve ever met (possible dispraxia?) and my other brother is obviously a sufferer of ADHD, not that he’s ever been diagnosed. Back then he was just thought of as "strange"and he’s learnt to manage and hide a lot of his symptoms.
I think so much is still unknown by medical science that we can only guess…I think there could well be a link, but who knows. I did once consider taking some of my younger sons meds for ADD called concerta but decided against it.

My doctor prescribes Adderall to me. I just take a lose dose. But I can really tell the difference in my cognitive performance. It gives me a little pick up too.

I’ve always had focus problems. Which was stemming from the fibromyalgia. I am one of those that can look back and see now why I felt ways I did when I was younger that didn’t make sense at the time.

It is genetic with me. I have several cousins, an aunt, and a sister with it.

Talk to your doctor about any of those meds. My sister also takes it. And my dads doctor has given him ritilan to help his energy levels.

I also want to tell you that ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, all run in my family, my sister has ADHD (she was diagnosed, but doesn’t take anything for it) we’re always talking on top of one another. Lol! I have had all the same symptoms for a long time but felt like I could get a grip on it with exercise and diet. Then came to realize after having fibromyalgia, I struggled with diet and exercise and sticking with it because of ADD. which is making the fibromyalgia worse. That’s why I have to get this nipped in the butt. It’s a vicious circle but all makes sense. Doesn’t it?

I have heard about the possible connection as well and how ADD meds might help with some fibro symptoms and what you wrote honestly took the words right out of my mouth. I never had trouble concentrating before I started having fibro issues and it’s only gotten worse over time. Keep us posted on what your rheum tells you and if any medications help! Hugs!

I’ve been on adderall for ADD for almost 10 yrs. It helps me stay focused and have less " shiny object moments" I see a neurologist for the ADD and newly diagnosed chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The fatigue has been so severe he has increased the adderall and it’s helping at least get through my work day.