Fibro, with Costochondritis AND rain

Does anyone have Costochondritis with the Fibro. and does it affect you more when there is allot of rain? That sounds a little off and I am a nurse. But, I cannot work anymore. I seem to think there is a pattern between rain and my pain with Costo. 8 on the pain scale. I do not trust my own Diagnosis.

Hi I haven’t noticed an increase in pain with rain. My costo is worse with stress and anxiety. There were previous discussions on costo within last week… you may wanna search costochondritis to find them, but they had helpful advice. It’s a terribly painful condition. Good luck hon. Feel better.

Absolutely, rain always seems to be a factor. For one thing, there is a drop in barometric pressure, when this happens it causes the body to ’ expand’ or swell, which causes our body to thump.
Slow digestion is also a factor for me, besides there is Psoriatic Arthritis and various other ills. And I personally believe stress to be incredibly harmful, and a factor in all malaise.

Accu weather has an iPhone app which will give you barometric pressure readings. It certainly
confirms your idea.

I think we could probably tell the weather forecasters the lowdown on the pressure readings!

Wishing you a warm sunny day,


Thank you so much and it is bitter sweet to have friends who are suffering with me and understand. I hope that came out like I meant it.

Just read your reply. We had a death in the family and like I wrote above; I mean it to all of you.

You also made me feel a little less crazy and I will write more and visit the site as it helps me so much. And, also your caring is like i have written to others, very helpful and gives me hope for my sanity. I still go to the doctors and I wonder why???

Rain does make it worst we are expecting storms tonight. I am also a nurse and have been off work since July on long term disability thru work.

I have not been able to practice since 1996. Not only did the Fibro and CFS do something to my logic; I was also overexposed to some chemicals at work while doing research in and old building. I worked at MCG, they could not diagnosed me so they sent me to Emory who sent me to MUSC; where they finally figured out what happened. Long story short; my life has been difficult at times, but not so much at other times. I do find it increasingly difficult to keep friends as they do not understand my behavior at times, such as forgetting, saying inappropriate things or getting confused. The ones closest to me that I was comfortable to tell them the meds I take, sometimes, think that when I become confused or lethargic it is the meds. The times I exhibit those symptoms is when I need my meds. and do not want to take them because of the talks I get from well meaning people who have not a clue what my life is like. I am not a shut-in, but I do not visit or spend time with friends because they just do not understand. You know :You look so good; you have lost weight" I say, I am not trying; I don't know what is going on and they say "Great, you look good." Hello, did you hear me

Hi Cheryl:

I've been diagnosed with Fibro, CFS, and Costo and I live in one of the rainiest cities in the US. I don't find an issue with rainy days, specifically, but I find that when the barometer pressure changes that my costo can be effected because my inflammation increases, just like people with Arthritis. It would make sense that your body is responding to the pressure change and having an increased inflammatory response.

I hope you continue to find support. I've also started a blog that I'm hoping may give support to people as well,

Hoping you have a restful day.

Yes !!! I get costochondritis several times a year !!! Makes it really hurt to wear a bra and it’s just annoying !!! I think all my symptoms get worse with rain and weather changes !!! Could barely sleep last night had a front come I and caused a lot of psi. !!!

Does anyone know if I can get disability based on what our household I come was !!! I was a stay at home mother of 5 boys and a girl ANC my ex husband of 1 1/2 years worked. 30 years at ups !!! I only worked. 2. 1/2 years as a second grade teacher

For myself I didn't work enough to have earned the 18 points in order to apply & receive Disability. Therefore I am on SSI, Something Supplimental Income. I live in the states in Iowa, so it might be different elsewhere. M

Right you are, Cheryl, rain makes fibro and costo worse. As does snow and cold weather. You'll notice on here to when there is a weather pattern in a certain part of the country that all of us in that part of the country will start to talk about terrible flares. It's the darned weather! Both humidity and barometric pressure affect fibro and costo.

I hope you're doing better today, Cheryl. It's impossible to do much when the costo is bad.

Hugs and an umbrella,


Oh, that's terrible! I'm sorry to hear it, Cheryl. No doubt that's now affecting your costo as well.

To hopefully manage your pain. We can be supportive but most of us need to use the meds too. It's not very encouraging, though, to hear of doctors who are not effective in acknowledging or treating fibro. They have to do better and update their skills and mindset! This is the 21st century, for God's sake, not the middle of the 2oth.

I think fibro should be renamed to, "Gee you look great!" Followed by, "Uh, no, HELLO already!"

I get the confusion too and slow thinking days and times, as well as babbling out word salads that are rather meaningless. Mostly due to garbled words. Fibro suc...stinks like that. I hate the looks that my 83 year old gives me over my eyesight and my tortoise-slow thinking.

It gets old after awhile.

That's a great idea, Dancing. I'm sure that fibro-ites will greatly appreciate it.

Now if only we could get someone to organize some charity runs to help fund fibro research.

As Luna says, if you can't qualify for SSDI, you might qualify for SSI. Let me see if I can find the guidelines:

I've actually been looking into some of those organizations that are researching Fibro and CFS and seeing ways to support them. Eventually, that information will make it to my blog:

You can't qualify for benefits through your spouse's work hours or your income, but you should be able to qualify for Supplemental Security Income SSI.

Although I've been doing a lot of research on this subject it hasn't all made it's way to my new blog, but I am working on it. You may find it helpful as I post more information.