Fibro symptoms and earth quakes?

I know this sounds crazy. I suddenly had pain, severe muscle tightness, and tremor kick in. I went and laid down to let my body rest and do some stretching. I thought I kept hearing something off and on, but ignored it. I was home alone for about 20 minutes. ten minutes later we heard and felt a rumble in the house. Yes I feel a bit freaked out.

There was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake here in Carolina, the epicenter within about 100 miles of us. There hasn't in my lifetime been activity that strong anywhere near us.

For those who live in earthquake prone areas, do you find symptoms worsen before them or during? This is not a prank. I am being serious. We also had cell phone and wi-fi reception problems all day.

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I dont live their but since the weather can affect us i dont no why this could not also. I think any change in the area can affect us.

Hey OM,

Sounds like you are very perceptive, just like the animals, their behavior changes drastically when they sense a quake coming, they can probably feel the plates move before they hit.

We are supposed to have a fault here in Maryland that is worse than the San Andreas, though it is relatively quiet there is activity. I lived in San Mateo, CA for 2 years and have experienced several different magnitudes and kinds of quakes, and have many times felt the same things you describe, but then other times, took no notice until it hit!

Now Scott Orn is a San Francisco native, he could probably write a book on them!

Here is some info on Maryland quakes, not sure if we share the same fault line or not, but it's possible!

Hope that's the end of it, and that you are all okay!

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Thanks gals. I know my post sounded weird. I have heard of people getting headaches, nausea, and other symptoms before a quake. Maybe it is something like the effects of electromagnetic fields - strong ones bother some people. Am better today, so here's hoping we don't have after shocks.

I think it's called the Croatian Plate edge where these quakes happen on the east coast. So yes, Carolina and Maryland do have that in common. East coast quakes are felt at a lot more distance than in other places the news said because they are more shallow. The only real damage I heard of was the hospital in Edgefield, the floor cracked and they had to evacuate. We don't have stringent building codes like other areas do to deal with a quake.

Note to self - moving to Cali, or near the New Madrid fault NOT an option, lol. I'm too sensitive to deal with it. Talk about anxiety!

I live in south Carolina. I never felt the quake although it was about 100 miles from us too. However, I had real trouble falling asleep even though I had taken my prescription sleeping pill. I thought it was so strange that happened, and then my husband told me about the quake. I totally believe there's a link between fibro and weather/forces of nature.

I read about the earth take and was surprised by it. So I know that you're serious.

I don't know if earthquakes affect fibro but I think it could be possible. Barometric pressure changes bother us. Maybe earthquakes change the barometric pressure. And some animals can sense an earthquake before it happens so why not some people?

I Suggest that you keep a diary of this, nothing when and where it happened and what happened to you. Then go on the net and research the issue if you'd like. Something like "Can earthquakes affect fibro?" I'd do it for you but I'm having trouble reading the type that I'm writing. (I even called "barometric pressure" "barfometeric pressure.. Probably not appropriate for the situation.)

I'd hug you but it might hurt from the earthquake,


Rosie where in SC? the north east part of the state had one sometime in the last year or so..we didn't feel it. but this one was towards the GA border. even set off seismographs into TN, AL, GA, and NC. big earthquakes can produce light effects, so I'm feeling it must be a component like that.

hope you have gotten some sleep by now. I agree nature and weather affect us.

Petunia, good idea. I'll write this up when able better. Do want to know, we have talked about a vacation to Oregon Or Colorado

BARFometric pressure - lol. very well timed. The flu is hitting our family as of yesterday. My hubby is home early from work, now snoring loudly in the bed wwith stomach issues. I needed that laugh.

soft hugs to you, and yours accepted.

Oh oh, BARFometric pressure indeed! I hear it's a VERY barfy flu, too, so I hope your hubby doesn't have that version of it. Did you get a flu shot? I hope so. I wouldn't think that fibro and flu would very comfy.

I'll look forward to hearing what you find out in regards to fibro and earthquakes. In fact, you could even ask people in other fibro groups. You might find some of those folks on your vacation, given their locations. Frankly, NOTHING would shock me about fibro. So go ahead and lay it on us, Mama!

I live in Sacramento ca and there was an earthquake in Greenville ca that was 5.7 magnitude that I felt the aftershocks here and so did a lot of other people. I was laying in bed and saw my blinds start moving and I got really dizzy and felt sick to my stomach. I do not remember hurting before it occurred but that may be because it was too far away (over 100 miles). I can see it affecting us and I hope you feel better.

Thanks DLP for sharing your own experience. truly appreciated. I am not ure how people learn to cope in the earthquake high activity areas. I guess we take land stability for granted here.

we are about 800 feet above see level, and I notice more symptoms from pressure changes on the rare occasion we make ti to the beach or mountains. ruins the romance and fun, sadly. I get sea sick too, even on the nearest lake. My husband keeps wanting to take a cruise. NO. uh uh. not happening

I'm glad to know it's not just a me thing though. I felt worse again this afternoon, and heard later there was a 3.4 aftershock though it ddn't move here or make noise.

Fibro is a difficult one to figure out, and so many differing opinions on why we have it. Neurological, possibly autoimmune, environmental factors like pollutions in air water and foods, personality plus genetic tendencies, and so much more..

I think using the term SENSITIVE about covers it!

Last week snow this week tornado and temps in the high 60's no wonder i feel so fatigued Our envirment effects us in every way.

Pain and muscle tightness would fit with trying to keep our balance - before, during and after a quake. I live in So. Calif., where there are way too many quakes for my taste. I also home schooled two children, and we studied earthquakes. Even though I live here, I learned a lot. There are three types of waves which travel through the ground when there is a quake - short, medium and long waves. They all arrive at a different timing, so you could have felt the ground moving ever so slightly before the tremor.

Earthquakes often do affect cell phone centers, and if we have a large earthquake, there are announcements that we should not use our cell phones unless it is an emergency. Other rescue services are trying to use the network, so we are to keep the airwaves as clear as possible.

I like to go to to get info on quakes in my area. Often I see a cluster of small warning tremors and aftershocks. It's a fascinating site, but also a helpful one if you are getting unusual quake activity.

Oh - and here's an odd one... I used to live in a mobile home in a valley nearby. I could feel little microtremors that my friends could not perceive. Usually they were 11 seconds apart. When they were 5 seconds apart, I alerted my friends that a tremor was coming. I became known as the human seismograph because of my accuracy. I do think our balance is affected, which leads to muscle tightness, etc. Now that I live in a foundation home in the foothills nearby, I don't feel it as much - I am on granite rather than soft ground. My pets do feel it, though.

No, you are not crazy !!!


Susan (Scribelle)