Fibro Support System

Hello all,

My mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia some time ago. She also suffers from chronic migraine headaches, and arthritis throughout her joints and spine. She currently has NO SUPPORT period. I joined this site to get a feel for it, and to encourage my mother to join so she knows she is not alone and that their are other people out there that understands what she is going through. Please help me by posting replies to this. I am going to visit her this weekend, and I want to show her the post I made and have her read the responses. Thank you all :-)

What a really beautiful thing you are doing. You are a special and thoughtful son. I hope your Mom can see and feel from our replies she is welcome, supported and understood. I have never felt alone in this illness since I found this board of kind, smart and generous-hearted people.


Wow I hope my kids turn out as loving as you, in fact I wish everyone in the world was like you :slight_smile: I’ve had the condition for 10+ years but only found this site myself a few days ago and it has already been a great help to me, I hope that it will be for your mother will to x

I encourage your mom to join us , she can't handle this with out a support system it's too hard . And being isolated with out others with it makes it so much harder , it's such a relief to find out your not the only one and that other people are going through the same symptoms and problems . Plus she will have plenty of suggestions of ways to handle things many she never thought of .... So tell her we hope she joins us !!!!

Dealing with this level of suffering without supportive people who understand is incredibly difficult. Please have your mom join the group online. I have a wonderful supportive husband and adult son as well as colleagues, and it is still a struggle when the pain and fatigue get overwhelming. New ideas, people who understand, and somewhere to turn to for positive support is imperative to have the best life possible. Remember that every day is a new chance to feel better when things are tough.

Hi Ben, I think you are so nice the way you care about your mom. My daughter is really good to me too and it is such a blessing to have that support from one's children.. This is a very nice site for support, understanding and friendship. there is no judgment or criticism here. I hope your mom will join. I would love to meet her. I have all the pain conditions that she has and then some. She is in the right place to join this group of lovely people. She is so welcome here and would feel right at home..



Hi Benjamin. What a great thing you are doing for your mom. She’s a lucky woman. :slight_smile: There are so many people here who can relate to her situation. It’s a great place to talk, learn, and vent no matter your age or gender. I hope she will give it a try and find some comfort in knowing she is definately not alone in this.
Best wishes to you both and have a great visit!

Ben - I agree with everyone else saying that you are doing a kind and wonderful thing for your mom by trying to show her that she can have support through all of us. I am relatively new to the site, but even when I don't have the time to reply, I still can read some posts to see how friends are. And I give them encouragement when I am able. This site has been a huge benefit to me in the short time since I joined. I post to my blog on this site and can be rather long-winded, but that helps me, too. Sometimes we just have to vent to others who really get what we are saying and that can be enough to pick ourselves up and keep moving ahead. Tell your mom to do herself a favor and join the site. It will make a big difference in her outlook day to day. I look forward to "seeing" her on here!

I want to thank you all for your replies! It means so much to me. I am confident that this site will help her.