Fibro pain

i was diagnosed with fibro in september 2012. So this is all kind of new. lots and lots of pain. I am taking gabapentin 3200 to 4000 mg, muscle relaxers, and tramadol sometimes 400mg a day. i thought all that would stop the pain but unfortunately it doesnt. I am not working because of this and other physical things.. but .. i wanted to bring this by you all and see if this is a fibro episode or not.

it has been happening off and on for a couple weeks but now its all the time. I get a serious burning feeling in my thigh, on the side of my leg. i mean burn feeling that doesnt go away unless i take tramadol.. and now it is so sensitive to the touch its unbearable. sounds like fibro but the pain is different. its like putting a lit cigarette to your flesh.. its that burning.. so anyone else had this before?

Hi poseysmom,

Sorry you are in so much pain. I understand very well.

I only took tramadol for a short time, so I had to look it up to see if it was a good pain drug for OA, and it does say that it is. However, you may need a stronger dosage.

I do know that is a hefty amount of Gaba, and should help any nerve pain you have, IF it is working for you. I also know that it is much more affordable than Lyrica.

I know about the burn type of pain too, I have this in my neck and upper back, like someone took an iron out of the fire and went through to the bone with it.

Here is some interesting info on OA, and it explains a few of the things you are going through.

hi poseysmom, im so sorry you are having this pain, since this is a new symptom i would run it by your dr. i would be concerned with these meds interacting in a negative way. the dosages seem high, have you seen a neurologist or pain management dr ? i have heard a burning sensation on the skin can be associated with fibro...but...

i would def want to check with your dr about this.



thanks sk.. tramadol is wonderful. i was taking it for OA pain and now for both OA and Fibro. I tried Lyrica and it didnt work well with me. gave me the shakes. I do take cymbalta as well. not sure if that even does anything.. but i think the Gab does work. I played with the dosage and found that 3200 to 3400 works well. I do this withmy Dr of course.

but i can see how this can run a person down. I get really depressed these days because everything that i used to do i cannot or have to limit because of this ugly pain and burning. i asked my fibro specialist and she said the burning could be advanced fibro. i dont know.. i dont think anyone knows what it is.. how it happens.. what the outcome will be.. i had to leave my job.. i dont leave my job.. unless i want to.. i worked all my life.. and now i cant. im surprised im not suicidal... thanks for the reply. will check out the link

hi dee. unfortunately when i lost my job i also lost coverage.. so i cant just go and see a dr. I have to pay 100 to see my own dr. and if they do anything i have to pay for it upfront. as for the gab that i take i take about 3200 to 3400 and it works. if i didnt take that much i wouldnt be able to type this message to you. i worked up to this dosage. thanks for the reply.

I get crazy burning pain too. Its awful. I understand what you are going through.

I'm curious to you think the meds you are on are are helping? I ask only because I'm on meds too but I don't think they are working. I still have crazy symtpoms and new things all the time. ???? I thought like you that the meds would noticeably lessen the pain and symptoms, but they don't. At first I thought they did, (and maybe they help some - who knows) but I get awful flare ups. least from my experience - I think you are experiencing another fibro symptom with the burning that you are feeling.