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Fibro, Night Shift, & Narcolepsy


For about 8 years now I’ve been living with narcolepsy. I was diagnosed with FMS about 5 years ago on top of the narcolepsy. Sleep just isn’t my friend. I’m on Cymbalta, Provigil, and some other supplements. I also do yoga routinely as well as massage therapy. Currently, I’m managing well. I have recently had the opportunity to move into the career I’ve always wanted. I’m struggling with the decision to take it because I have to start out on night shift. Personally, I believe I could handle it seeing how I have little to no actual circadian cycle and my sleep relies heavily on my medications and routine. My husband is extremely worried. My mother, who also has FMS but suffers drastically differently from me, is extremely worried.

I still need to talk to my doctor but should I be worried if everyone around me is this questioning? Has anyone else ever worked night shift with FMS and did it cause problems for you? I just really think I need more information and insight from others with fibromyalgia. Thanks in advance!


I’m a Registeeted Nurse and have worked nights for the past 3 yrs. I honestly can’t see where having fibro has made it any more difficult than I worked days. There are still times when I just can’t get out of bed to go to work whether it be due to the pain or depression like symptoms. I felt the same way when I worked during the day. It actually may be better for me because I don’t sleep at night anyways. Not sure if any of this will help but it’s good communicating with others who understand what you’re dealing with. Good luck to you!!


Hi Noel, Have you been tested for Sleep Apnea? Many of us with FM have it - it turned out that I do. I sleep a little better with the CPAP machine. If you haven’t been tested, I strongly recommend it. God Bless You. :wink:


This actually helps a lot. I feel the same way about it but it’s nice to know that I’m not just trying to push it because I want this job so badly. There are people who honestly feel this same way and somehow that validates my feelings and expectations. Thank you for sharing!


During the Narcolepsy testing a couple years ago they also tested for sleep apnea. I had it as a child but grew out of it around 7 or 8 years old thankfully. Most of my sleep deprivation comes from the pain and lack of entering the deeper sleep stages that comes with Narcolepsy. Thank you for the thought though and good luck to you!


Hi, I’m a LPN and I worked graveyard shift for 3yrs and never had a problem. I would get home and sleep and wake up around 5pm so when I would leave for work at 9pm I was already awake for a few hrs. Now I work 8am to 4:30pm and I have to wake up at 6am to get ready for work and some days I can’t force myself to get up and other days I have to drag myself out of bed. So for me working days is harder lol