Fibro news from Canada: interesting, eh?

Gut bacteria and fibromyalgia:

Had not heard but thank you so much for sharing this link!

My digestion has been a mess for years, with different doctors and theories but testing never proving what they thought was true.

Last summer i had a staph infection in my eye requiring a drastic antibiotic. Nevermind the messy details but my digestion has been better and my fibro symptoms have improved.

I take digestive enzymes and probiotics daily ever since.

Well it’s really new research. Your experiences are interesting, but who needs interesting?

Have a great weekend.


Glad to see more researchers working on this issue. I agree with the woman in the article, who described the effects of fibromyalgia as “I lost my job, my apartment, my credit…”. I’ve lost so much to this disease, but I think the biggest loss is “my future”. I try to imagine my future with my fibro limitations and I get depressed.

I can’t wait for the day science discovers the cause of fibro. Maybe then people will believe us!!