Fibro Moving all over my body!

Hi my name is Donna. I was diagnosed with Cronic Back Pain, Aug 2011. Because the pain

was moving all around my body, & my back hurt 24/7, I went back to the Dr. After several tests.

and a few more Dr's., they said that I also had FM. Heat does help me alot, plus I take FM herbs, & Tramdol 50mg. These do not take away the pain, but helps in taking the edge off. What I need to

know do any of you, have Fibro that, gives you hot spots on your head, & pain also in you chest, & all

front of your body? The feeling is of a soreness, & also can be pinching. I know that there are so many

symptons, but when I get a new feeling, I get scared, & my Anxiety's shoots up, then the pain starts to feel 10 times worse. Please any help, I would greatly appreciate.

Thank U all, & Happy Mothers Day. God Bless

So sorry you are going through this. I am in the middle (or hopefully end) of a flare of my fibro and also am having the hot flashes on my head and terrible chest pains. Also pain up and down my arms and hands and legs. No relief from anything. Just started acupuncture and would love to hear if anyone has had luck with that. Good luck to you.

When I was first told I had FM 25 years ago it felt like the bones in my skull were burning and being crushed;I don’t know if that is what you mean. Over a while, those pains went away, though I’ve had many other types of pain from FM over the years. I recently tried 50 mg Tramadol out of desperation after all this time and have the same experience, takes the edge off, but I am saving for emergencies. I have had pain everywhere you can think of, has always been FM.

I don't get hit spots in specific places, but my overall temperature varies a lot and I get warm flashes and cold flashes a lot - sometimes cold in some parts and hot in others at the same time. Fibro is weird like that!

New symptoms are always really scary - just part of the fun of chronic illness! whee?

Hi Donna, I, too, have had chest pains, and the other symptoms you mentioned, are pretty much there all the time. I take a few different types of medications. The one that I would never go without is gabapentin. I tried going off it a few years back, and I was really sorry. The pain was so much worse. I tried Tramadol once, but I had bad side effects. What has helped me the most the last two years is that I was able to quit my super strenuous job and go on disability!

Hi Donna, yes I get burning pain in spots. My skin also will feel as I do when I run a fever (flu) and don't want to be touched. My skin just hurts. Before gabapentin (Neurontin) it hurt to take a shower. We got a rain water shower head (no more spray) and that also helped. Sometimes parts of my body will feel numb going to pin pricks the way a foot can when you cut off circulation temporarily and then stand up. With Fibro I just have to laugh because there is always some new symptom. I take Duloxetine (the generic of Cymbalta) and gabapentin and pain pills of Norco and Morphine plus amitriptyline for sleep. But wait...! There's more! Sorry, bad joke.

Journal. Then the day before a doctor's appt go through and write down all the various symptoms you've had and check with him to be sure none are not-a-fibro-symptom that needs to be addressed.

Good luck with this crazy disease. As jbdnvr said above; it's much easier if you can quit work. I'm retired.

ok I get these painful spots on my scalp I don’t know if I would call it hot but it is painful … like even if a hair follicle goes out of place it’s excruciating and wearing a ponytail forget it I can barely shower sometimes because it hurts so bad and my doctor said that that is not a symptom of fibro but my doctor has never treated anyone with fibro so I just have to laugh because he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about and I’ve heard this from many many other fibro patients so yes new spots when you least expect it pop up all the time and it’s truly frustrating but just give it to the Lord and just keep your trust and try not to let it get your anxiety level up

also tramadol can cause headaches and one thing that I have found is if you take it with naproxen it keeps you from getting the headaches very weird but the combination of the two really helps or you can try a muscle relaxer like flexeril with it …which is mild but helps with the pain in your body and keeps you from getting headaches from the tramadol

It seems that the new symptoms just keep on coming at us. All different, it seems that no 2 of us have the exact same things going on. This is why the medical population has such a hard time treating and diagnosing it...I believe.

Every time I read a story like yours it makes me so sad. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this weirdness. I wish this disease would stop disabling people like you. I wish the symptoms away from you.

I was diagnosed in 2008. I constantly went to different doc's in different specialties and sought out alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and herbs. All the seeking new doc's and treatments exhausted me.

Just this last year I surrendered to this thing we call fibro. I found a doc who is perfect for me, prescribes me the meds that work best for me. And told myself I'd just do the best I can. I'm fortunate to be retired. Forced retirement when fibro came on tho. I could still be working.

I know what you mean about getting scared, boosting anxiety and causing more pain. It's such a vicious cycle. Once it becomes a regular thing to you, it may become bearable. I have given this to God and intend to do the best I can with what I've got. It seems that for now I have found peace with the beast and hope that for you too Donna.


Odd pains in odd places which I usually just put down to fibro. I am lucky that I do get days when the pain isn't bad and almost not there - and then there are other days! I usually wake with pain in my back and across my chest despite using a pillow to try and stop my chest getting crushed.

There are some people here who give very good advice. The idea of writing down what symptoms you have had is a great one because other problems could be missed but this condition does give so many peculiar symptoms there is an awful lot that we just have to accept and make the best of our life despite it.

sophy said:

I don't get hit spots in specific places, but my overall temperature varies a lot and I get warm flashes and cold flashes a lot - sometimes cold in some parts and hot in others at the same time. Fibro is weird like that!

New symptoms are always really scary - just part of the fun of chronic illness! whee?

. Sophy, I also have problems with my temperature. I can run a low grade fever for days at a time with no relief. Aspirin, Tylenol, etc don't help at all. What do you do when your temperature does that? What helps? This is one of my worse symptoms because I constantly feel like I have the flu. You're the first person I've seen that has mentioned this. Thanks, Kimberly

This is just plain CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! How can we blame doctors when our symptoms change from (literally) one minute to the next. LOL I haven't been able to walk good for at least 2 months now. Then all of a sudden today the pain went away. Im so glad I found this site because I couldn't understand why I keep having these hot flashes. I thought menopause lasted along time. hahaha Now I know it must be the fibro. I have found that if I take tramadol at appx 4:30 everyday I don't get the night pain as bad and I am able to sleep. Does anyone else have different pain at night than they do during the day??? Its hard to explain it but its like I want to stretch by arms and legs all the way to Florida, and Im in Michigan. HA But when I stretch to hard I get Charlie horses. This was probably the worse I have ever been the last 2 months or so. Any one else seem to be worse lately???? Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Its so good to have a voice that someone understands. Thank you all and God Bless each and every one!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have some similar pains, some different. Those Charlie horses are one of the worst symptoms, they aren’t like normal ones that you can reverse stretch. At times I have pulled off the road when they hit my right foot. As for worse, the only thing I am somewhat certain that makes me worse, other than the med Cipro which was hell, is a change in barometric pressure. Where I live, that is every day it seems. My night pains are similar to day but I have what I call the Golden Hour before midnight or so when my pains decrease about 80% and my energy comes back. I’ve always been a night person and this seems part of it. My rheumatologists thinks it has to do with circadian rhythms, which he says we don’t understand that well. I’m afraid that hour or so at night is my only remission. Good luck to us all.

Are you drinking coffee w sugar or sodas or something with sugar a lot? Try not to drink so much sugar eat veggies green ones if you can lots of distilled or boiled water try glacier water you can get it 35 to 45¢ a gallon usually enter Walmart b y the wall you’ll see the set up other grocciers too I’ve learned tramodol works best if you take cymbalta or effexor you’ll get the full potential I usually take up to or less than three a day it works pretty well I know this feeling you speak of well this does work but you will still have pains time to time hot baths eosome salt and wintergreen not to much wintergreen or mix it with olive oil again not to much to rub into you muscle s it will worm them learn to drink water learn to love it and when your low your body will crave it pay attention to the thibgs you eat that’s the managgibg key and magnesium with calcium …soy milk… real salt with iodine eggs seem to be good for me at night sugar hurts me but I love it especially chocolate but it has magnesium so pay attention to your cravings and read what they have in it your key into helping yourself

Hi Donna, I have not had the hot spots on my head but I do have a sensitive head and some times getting my haircut and colored can be very painful. Chest pains everyday day. I work as a nurse in cardiovascular medicine and always worry I am going to find out I am having heart issues but have been evaluated numerous times before being diagnosed with FM and only diagnosis for pains and palpitations was anxiety attacks. So I just write it off as FM. I have symptoms of burning, pinching, muscle spasms, throbbing mostly in my hips, legs, ankles and feet. I told a friend that I am on cymbalta, lyrica, vicodin and flexeril … But not on disability. I thought it significant. I actually feel like work distracts me from my pain. I take low doses of cymbalta and lyrica and 2 pills of 5/ 325 vicodin a day. Flexeril if I am having more muscle spasms than usual and before bed. I think the lyrica and vicodin make the biggest difference. I fell fortunate not to have brain fog symptoms but have gained 15 lbs since being diagnosed and starting all these meds but “it is what it is”. I have tried pristiq, neurontin, tramadol but my current combo with lots of rest on my days off make it possible to continue my career. I do look forward to retiring but getting by right now. Does anyone else get swelling in the outer hips, inside of knees and outside of ankles? Liza

Hi all! Liza, I started retaining water. I felt it mostly in one knee. My Dr. told me it is from the Lyrica. I have started weaning off of it. I was on 500mg/day and am down to 150mg/day. I have lost 9 lbs in the past week and a half! I also take Diclofenac and Percocet, with amitriptyline and Klonopin to sleep. I have never found any benefit from Tramadol. I occasionally get the really bad restlessness at night. And YES, I think it has been bad lately. I am in a flare with the FM, and Meniere's disease; one brings on the other!

I also have a question about new symptoms...Does anyone get skin discoloration? I have a large red spot on my breast (Mammo. is OK) and 2 smaller ones under one arm. Oh, and BONUS, my face has started flushing at night.

Good luck everyone