Fibro Memorial Forum

Let us remember our fellow Fibro members, who came here for support, and gave support.

Feel free to share their photos, stories, legacy and videos as we create memories of their life.

Many of us will remember cat1 (Tina), who found this site and became friends with many. She sought the support she needed and loved the acceptance she felt here. She struggled in finding help for the severe pain and depression that was always with her, but her days were brighter knowing she could log in and feel acknowledged.

Her life stories were filled with the love she felt for all, always willing to help whenever she could. Her sense of humor came shining through in the wonderful stories she would share. I miss hearing her laugh and the optimism when the pain would have lessened.

I truly believe that Tina's life was blessed with the many friends who helped brighten her days. We are blessed with each other.