Fibro girl to study abroad!

I can't wait!! I just decided I am for sure going to study Spanish language, culture, SPAIN! I am working on getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing with a minor in Spanish. Studying in Spain on May 27, 2014 - July 29, 2014 will complete my minor.I would love your support, words or otherwise :)

Thank you!!

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Good for you! We need to keep fighting thru the pain and not let it stop us. We do not want to become prisoners in our own home. My Rheumy is a great supporter of all that I do in spite of having a severe case of Fibro. There are a lot of days it would be easier to stay home but I refuse to do that. You go girl! Keep us posted.

I agree with what Jackie S has told you. Work toward your dream and deal with your fibro as it arises.

Keep us posted. We're behind you rooting you on.

Gentle hugs


You have my full support! Going abroad is such a wonderful experience. You get to know a culture that is different than your own, which is a blast! And the sites to see are amazing. Plus the food...yeah, it's a great experience. Go and have the time of your life, if you can while studying. I guarantee that you'll love your trip and will always look back upon it fondly. Bless you for coming up with such a lovely way to finish out your degree. Much happiness to you for your travels!

Hugs and excitement,


I am so happy for you this will be a great learning experience for you. Will you be able to be there a little early to become used to the different climate and time change?