Fibro fog or candida fog?


Oh, my gosh! It's not just me who get "Oh, you need more animal protein!"?? Thank you for sharing your experience. I've felt so alone about this. I've had this all my life - my mom, grandmother, school teachers all tried to force feed me the meat that I didn't want. It always made me gag and sick. I used to throw up (not intentionally) when I ate something I didn't like. WHY do people try to force others to eat (esp.meat)??

Yes, people tell me that they are so broke but they have cable and other things that they don't really need to survive and maintain health. I am puzzled whenever I read an articles online on tips to save money. All the tips that I read - I do them already. Just getting rid of TV cable saves so much money, so I never had one. I don't have texting servive on my phone, either. I have a basic phone that I bought in 2007 people may call it a dumb phone - but it always works unlike their expensive phones with so many functions that they don't need. We have a very low-tech home that when we got broken into, the thieves didn't have much to take! We don't buy any new thing until it breaks. I am glad that my husband shares the same value.

I don't appreciate people telling me that I am wasting my money on organic food (there are some people who think organic business is a scam). They don't realize I don't waste money on anything else. I buy my clothes at thrift stores and most of my income goes into my food, supplements, and medical treatments. I am always broke because of the medical expenses, but I am proud to say that I don't have any student loan or debt.


I hear the same thing…and probably every other vegetarian too. This notion that we will have more energy if we would just eat meat, makes me crazy…especially when it comes from family. My son who is 13 and my only veg kid out of 5…uses humor. When his buddies ask him where he gets his protein he askes them, ‘where do you get your fiber’?

Just tried the spit test - was going to yesterday and kept putting it off - maybe didn’t want to see the outcome. Sure enough, was so weird! I see my pain doc/ internist Tuesday and will bring it up. I spent a few years of constant rounds of antibiotics for sinus infections. Will have to mention this, as well. Wow, if I can reduce the fog I may be able to continue working! Thank you for this great information!

I got a chuckle out of that…oh boy…yes americans way over spend on crap and not enough on whole foods. And people need to GET OVER the over consumption of protien! Right?! lmao! Interesting how this post has evolved…it’s so good to not be the only veg head out here…its a lonly place sometimes!

Same here. Thrift shops and and my little income goes to food, supplements and medically related treatment. Hoping some day I can be healthy and not have medical bills like now.

As far as organics being a scam, anything can be turned into a scam, just got to investigate where the food comes from best you can. You can be sure of this...that the non-organic and gmo and processed foods ARE toxic to you, proven, revealed, got it on tape, fact. So why would you even want to consume them.

These processed food and other environmental toxin are the reason for the leaky gut, candida, chronic disease, autoimmune diseases, list goes on and on. The public just gets hoodwinked into thinking that they are ok to eat. Been going on for years and now we are seeing the nasty result of it.

Sandi, be ready for the critiques saying that test doesnt prove anything. Insist on the blood work…I sure hope you get it taken care of…and for sure you will keep us posted, ok?

Omg!! Awesome!

Ok so we need to start a fibro/vegan club…three members so far! :slight_smile:

That's funny. Your son's friends probably don't even know what fiber is, except maybe some tv commercial saying the cereal has fiber in it.

Yea, a fibro/vegan club would be great. Also a leaky gut/candida club too. I believe a good number of members on here are suffereing from it. They seem to have all the symptoms.

I tried to figure out how to contact Ben…or someone…because I think Candida Albicans should be added to the list of Patient Communities…seriously. And that leaky gut…goodness, anyone with internal inflamation probably has that and doesnt know it…with all of these conditions, it’s like what came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s so confusing to navigate our way out of it.

T34 - I am so glad to hear that I am not alone in this!

Being vegetarian can be challenging when people around you love eating meat. Growing up in Japan, I could NOT choose vegetarian meal - such thing didn't exist. Japanese eat everything including variety of seaweed and mushrooms, etc. They have imported western diet along with the myth that meat gives energy. As more Japanese adopted meat-centered diet (vs. conventional soy, rice, seafood diet), the number of diseases (high blood pressure/colesterol, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc) rose. When I visited my family several years ago, I ordered a vegetarian salad at a Japanese restaurant and the salad had bacon bits on it!

When I used to live upstate NY, being vegetarian was easier when people did not criticize my diet choice. Now I live in NC where people do criticize me for being different. My ex-boyfriend even tricked me into getting me eat meat - he cooked a dish which he snuck in pork and didn't tell me. People around here also pressure others to eat whatever they are eating at the party. People often have foods that I can't eat, so I don't go to parties anymore.

Now, I have 2 holistic doctors telling me to eat meat, I can't convince my husband that I don't want to eat it. I don't know why these doctors believe that I need meat.

There is a group named "Fibro and Mold/Candida" in the groups section but it kind of died out. Not much action on it at all.

Yea, leaky gut is connected with gluten intolerance and celiac too. It's a cluster of conditions all inter-related. Kind of hard to separate them. I've been gluten free for over three years now. That's just one piece to the puzzle. Then there's mold and heavy metals thrown in. Most people have different degrees of those things thrown in too.

I guess you gotta treat all of them. That's what my doctor is doing with me. There's no real easy, fast way to do it.

Yes, even organic packaged foods can have ingredients that are not good for out health. I don't buy them anymore because they didn't make me feel good. I've always trusted my body to tell me what I need and what I shouldn't have. My body has always been right and I have been wrong so many times...We all need to educate ourselves and be aware of what's in our food and make a choice - however, it's becoming challenging because companies sneak in chemicals without consumers' knowledge.

I have multiple chemical sensitivity and it gets worse when I have a FM flareup or get a cold/sinusitis. Other people's laundry detergent on their clothes are so strong that they make me ill. I cannot stand people wearing perfume and I can't go to certain stores. Even the organic personal care products have lots of harmful chemicals that no one needs. I have to read everything on the label.

I believe that my FM was caused by all the toxins that my body has accumulated over the years. When I do a detox and cleanse my system, my FM symptoms get so much better to the point that I don't think I have FM anymore. The problem is that are are constantly exposed to toxins in the air, water (even when it's filtered), and there's also EMF exposure. There's no end to detoxing as long as we live...

FC.....That's strange that those holistic doctors are telling you to eat meat. What was their rational behind it? I would ask them next time, if there is a medical reason specific to you or what? The bacon bits you mentioned, some of those aren't even meat, just chemicals made to taste like bacon! How gross.

I have read about Japanese diets changing along with increase in western diseases. It's sad, they were doing just fine till then. I don't go out to eat anymore. I've always liked eating at home anyway.

Meat eaters try everything to defend their meat eating habit like it's their religion. I don't understand why. I don't see any vegetarians doing that. I've noticed that meat eaters get really angry when someone just suggesting to try vegetarian diet. They say that they have the "right" to eat meat (they almost sound like smokers.) and it's none of anyone's business. They even argue that vegetarians are killing plants (living beings) and we all have to eat "something" to survive. They never want to talk about the not only the ethhical but also environmental consequences of meat consumption.

I wish these people watch the documentary "Earthlings" before insisting on consuming inhumanely treated animals. I wonder how many people are able to eat after seeing how they are killed right before they eat.

That's true! American people are obsessed with animal protein but they know nothing about fiber! No wonder many people have digestive problems.

I don't know why people argue, some just do it for the sake of argument. They just want to be right. I grew up eating meat but went vegan in my twenties, then got sucked back into eating meat again. It tasted terrible, had to get used to it again. Now I've gone full circle and back to vegan and it feels good.

I haven't watche Earthlings but I've seen plenty from the others films. It's diabolical what they do to the poor animals. Such suffering. Do they think that the animals don't feel anything? When I was a kid, my grandmom used to kill our chickens right in front of us and then we had to eat them. I used to cry and get sick at dinner. I didn't want to eat them.


I don't know why my doctors support meat consumption. One says I can have butter but the other one says no dairy. It's been very confusing. I think they said that my body needs a lot of protein for muscle development and production of neurotransmitters and hormones (if I remember correctly but I could be wrong).

My kinesiology doctor recommended avoiding gluten but never insisted, but he now firmly believes after doing a lot of research, that gluten causes FM and most of the diseases.

The bacon bits on the salad were real...I don't think they have fake ones over there. I've had some fake meat - they are all right but they don't make me feel good afterwards. I've developed sensitivity to soy in US because it's all GMO.

It is very sad, to say the least, that the US is exporting not just theid foods but also diseases to other parts of the world. Japanese used to be one of the healthiest people on earth. Now, there are just like Americans. There are many people suffering from FM.

I've read studies on how Japanese Americans suffer from illnesses (including overweight and type 2 diabetes) that Japanese living in Japan don't have. The studies prove that our health is dependent on our diet, not our genetics. I don't believe in the "fat gene" - even most Americans were not obese in the 70 or even the 80s. People need to realize that they've been poisoned through processed foods and products they use and that's why people are becoming obese, not because of their genes.

allergic- I am so sorry that you had to watch your gm kill the chickens and had to eat it...I would have cried and refused to eat...My sister told me that she got a live crab in a package her mother-in-law sent them. Her oldest son saw the crab and got excited until she told him that it's for dinner. He cried hard and refused to eat. I think most of us would opposed to eat if they realize we take lives.

The Earthlings was the most horrific thing I've ever seen in my life. I became violently ill to the point that I thought I had to go to the ER. I couldn't eat much of anything for a while afterwards. These people in the film were so evil that it makes the devil seem like a saint. I could not believe what humans are capable of and went into depression. I even thought that those people should eat people, not animals, if they want to eat meat - that would be fair! I wished that these evil people would experience the same fate eventually.

I agree, totally. This might be interesting to you. I mentioned it in another discussion. It talks about our genes and how they can be expressed or not expressed.,9171,1952313,00.html