Fibro fog or candida fog?

Tracy...Thank you for posting this discussion and telling of your experience with yeast/candida. It is something that we all need to be aware of. My doctor frowns on meat consumption altogether. He does lectures on it and the food industry and tries to bring awareness to his patients. He follows a macrobiotic diet, no meat. I am just about there but he wants me to get a little stronger before eliminating even the organic chicken that I add to the veggie diet. I'll be glad when he says I can get rid of the chicken too. I take supplements to make sure I get enough Vit D and B12 etc.

Ghee is something that I have used in the past and I have to ask doctor about that. I use coconut oil, it is an antifungal, and some olive oil.

The other problem he addressed was low stomach acid with me. Seems to be quite common as we age and sometimes gets treated the wrong way, since low and high acid produce the exact same symptoms. My digestion has been greatly improved.

Please, if anyone hasn't watched these dvd on food industry, do watch Food Inc and/or King Corn. Things that are happening to you may start making sense.

Tracy, I have my pilot’s license. Can’t get a medical anymore. Single engine, land since 1995. Loved it. Flying to North Mrytle just to eat!

Awesome!! Sounds like you have a great doc who walks the talk. I have watched food inc…I would say it is a good intro film but barely scratches the surface of animal cruelty…oh thats another topic of discussion. :slight_smile: Never heard of king corn but will watch that too. Another must watch for all…is FORKS OVER KNIVES. There is a lot of information about health out there…and still to this day I learn something new often…and I thought I was pretty savvy on nutrition. So keep on learn’in family!

Hi Dee,

Do you also have lyme...was that why you were on a month of antibiotics? Even with allergies, hopefully they have one that will work for you. After one more month on the anti fungal I will start the antibiotics for the coinfections...but not orally...there's no way my gut could handle that. I will be getting I understand, it is more evective than oral antibiotics anyway. I will be acutely aware of the candida reoccuring while on the antibiotics...will have to cross that bridge when we get to it...but I need to get the bacteria treated.

After a while, eating things with no sugar or things that turn to instant sugar...will be no big deal. Sure I miss my grapes and bananas sometimes...but organic berries are still very good right now and I have gotten mighty creative with stevia. :-) Have you ever read anything on The Body Ecology diet? If not, google is most interesting and informative on this very topic!

Hugs back!


I have seen a few of the documentaries on food and meat industries. The worst was the Earthlings - I became violently ill (pain, nausea, diziness, disorientation, hyperventilation, panic) immediately and had to stop the film to catch my breath and regain my composure. My husband told me that we should stop watching but I felt that I needed to know this. It took me great strength and courage to watch the entire film. I cried throughout because I've never seen such horror in my life. I just could not believe what I saw. It was much scarier than the horror movies.

We take in not just nurtition but also energies from the food we eat. It makes sense that when we consume those meat that has been tortured, we also take in their pain and suffering which can turn into illnesses such as cancer. Japanese also bellieve that the emotional energy of the cook can transfer to the meal and it can make somone ill.

I agree - everyone should be aware of how animals are treated before becoming their meal.

I think I've tried Ghee before. I've forgotten about it. The only problem with that is - it's very hard! Coconut oil seems to increase my pain level - is that possible?

My doctor told me that we became allergic/sensitive to wheat and other foods because it's been genetically modified.

I've also been tested for candida and I did have candida overgrowth. I took Nystatin which helped me greatly but had to stop because it caused painful diarrhea.


Could very well be! I have gotten into the habit of only eating organic food…everything! And I dont eat out anymore and always have my own snacks with me on hand so I wont get desperate for food if I’m out. Hmmm, I dont go out that much anyway! Ha!

You can leave ghee out…so it should remain soft.


Thats ashame…well, you can learn a bunch here anyway. Yep the leaky gut is no joke either. I actually feel mine getting better with the yeast getting under control and the lack of the inflammatory foods that I was eating. Take care!


Tracy, thank you ! I was on antibiotics for diverticulitis, which I really think has caused an overgrowth of yeast in my body, my fibro has been worse ever since I was on the antibiotics. I’m so glad you are getting the treatment you need, that’s so awesome !!
I will google the ecology diet for sure
Hugs & blessings

Wow, I didnt know they treated div with antibiotics. See…learned something new today!

I do believe that our diets can account for prob every illness known to man kind, I eat very little meat, try to buy all organic, avoid sugar, get my eggs from a farm ect… My son is a vegetarian he had me watch meat your meet, & it makes me sick that the meet people are eating is so toxic.
Tracy thanks for the post

I buy all organic foods. Some people say to me "it's too expensive." Well, when you follow a vegan diet, you are not buying the expensive toxic meat anymore. Instead, you are buying whole grain, beans, legumes, seeds, nuts and greens and some fruits. My digestion is so much better and I'm never hungry. My blood sugar is not low anymore.

My food bill has almost cut in half since I started buying just vegan foods, no meat!. If you want to have a chance of regaining your health, then you've got to pay attention to what you are putting in your body every day. I don't want to be sick for the rest of my life and then die. If you still want to eat meat, then at least, buy organic grass fed meat.

I've found good books and audio tapes in the local library on nutrition, and Amazon has lots of less expensive, used books that you can order. The information is out there and I am glad to see there is a growing awareness of the problems that plague us and their connection with the food industry.

I don't believe that we have to stay sick like this. I'm about to start reading a book that my doctor recommended on autoimmune disease. I mentioned it on the Lyme forum. "The Autoimmune Epidemic" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa.

Jen/Sunflower started a book club which is a great idea for those who want to learn and discuss the illnesses that plague us.

It's so important that we educate ourselves. It's the only way we're going to find our way out of the sickness that has taken our lives away.

I'm so happy to see such a good response to this discussion. SK knows I've been harping on this candida, metal toxicity and autoimmune issue for awhile now. :')

Well said allergic! The “It’s too expensive” excuse is just that…think about it…keep eating genetically modified and poisened foods is very expensive, because you end up paying for it in medical bills down the road. Our bodies were not meant to process pestisides or animal products. Yes, we were all raised this way but today there is no excuse not to learn…like you said, there’s a ton of information out there. We didnt get all these illnesses that we share about, by eating whole organic foods…we got this way because of what we have been ingesting and environmental toxins…so when you know more, you will do more to save your own life. : -)

You've got it right, Flygirl! I wish I had all the money that I've had to spend on trying to get my health back from the destruction caused by all the toxins that the food industry uses, the rx's that the drug companies get rich on, and, dare I say, the insurance companies raking it more money, and government regulations etc. They're basically turned us into cash cows for all of them. ugh!

I agree. I hear "too expensive" excuse all the time and then see people spend more money on junk food or buy the latest technological gadgets, makeups, manicures or something that they don't need. They don't realize that their poor health is related to their poor diet. It's more expensive to have illnesses than to spend on healthful food.

I've also noticed that people consume large amount of food. If they ate reasonable portions, they would save more money. I know that many people also buy a lot of groceries and they get spoiled and end up in trash. That's a lot of waste.

It's strange that I feel like I am being criticized for eating organic by people who say, "I can't afford it. It's too expensive. I've got 3 kids and...." I also feel criticized for not eating meat sometimes. "You may have more energy if you got protein from meat." 'You may have developed FM because you didn't get enough nutrition from your vegetarian diet.

Yes, FibroChou, people do spend alot of money on all those things that are not necessary and that harm them. It just blows me away sometimes when people say they are so broke, but they have cable tv, get manicures regularly, designer clothing for their kids, cell phone up the wazoo and big time payments on their fancy cars that they don't really need. They have pizza delivered or go to mc d's and call that a meal. Eating out at restaurants constantly. Well, I guess you ARE broke with all that!!

And think about the stress levels that you put onto yourself by spending over your budget every month..

We could have a whole discussion on the wasteful spending and the mindset that goes along with it. Someone should write a book "How Junk Food Put Me In The Poorhouse." Gosh, your health alone.

I get that too about," oh you need to slam down a steak or two, you need some red meat protein" , well I get more protein on a vegan diet than on meat, and it's healthy protein.

Like you said, poor health is related to poor diet.