Fibro breathing problems

does anyone have trouble breathing? iknow its a problem but no ones mentioned it. i cant be the only do you deel with it-does it ever improve. it defintly affects my sleep. any help woul be welcome.thanks again. also getting some itchy eye issues.

I get lung/chest inflammation from lupus that causes shortness of breath at times. My doc did a work up (chest x-ray, pulmonary function tests and a cardiac echo) to make sure my heart and lungs were ok, then put me on an inhaled steroid. I use it sporadically, because the breathing issues flare up and then settle back down. When I start having an issue, I'll use it for a couple of weeks, then back off of it until the problem starts back up again.

New shortness of breath should be discussed with your doctor ASAP. There can be many causes for it and your doc needs to get to the bottom of it.

I have breathing problems as well. I have yet to have found a way to deal with breathing issues. It's really frustrating because when the doctor listens to my lungs, everything is fine. My next option is to go to a ear nose and throat doctor. I am going to start a check list of all the specialist I have seen and why. I think the only one I won't have to go to for fibromyalgia is a dermatologist, but you just never know!

When a flare is coming on I get a heaviness and burning pain when I breath. By the time my flare up happens the pain has gone. It comes back when the next flare is coming. It is my early warning

I have breathing issues but I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and that has made the fascia around my lungs weak. Fascia is the tissue that protects the lungs. EDS is a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes the body to make bad collagen which is basically the "glue" that holds us together. It's not a well known syndrome so most doctors don't look for it. This is why I was just finally diagnosed at 46 with EDS with hypermobility (I'm double jointed, who knew being bendy was a symptom for a genetic condition?) All of this affects my breathing but I use rescue inhalers for allergic asthma (may be checked for mast cell disorder soon) and a CPAP machine for night time. Not sure if this helps any but that's my situation. Itchy eyes could be allergy related though. I have developed so many allergies as an adult that it's crazy. Hope your breathing gets better.

Susan W

I have "functional" breathing troubles. That means that basically, my lungs are working fine (I have really light asthma, but I don't need medication, it really rarely bothers me at all) but I start hyperventilating a lot. Sometimes out of nervousness, sometimes out of physical strain, ect)

Due to my often swollen shut nose, I get chokey feelings, which feel like I can't breathe properly, but all in all, my lungs and my oxygen levels are fine. It's mostly just a matter of trying to breathe consciously and then breathing too fast or too deep or not deep enough.

I can also understand the itchy eyes. Really annoying. It's as if the inside of the eye itches and no matter how much I rub it doesn't help,

Check out the symptoms for Sjogren’s disease- itchy eyes is a part of it.

Hi Rileybug - I think I might have told you that I have had Fibro for about 30 years now. I have trouble breathing as well, and was diagnosed with SLeep Apnea about 3 years ago. I had to go for a sleep study and had to do this 2 times before I was diagnosed with it. As youngone said, when I feel a flare-up coming. my breathing changes and I also have, sometimes, a burning sensation as well. If I am getting spasms, my breathing is very shallow because it hurts to take in air. If the spasms last a while, I become exhausted from the 'short' breaths that I have to take to avoid spasm pain. Laurie

Hi Rileybug

Dry eys can be part of fibro. Try Refresg Tears about 3 times a day. It works for me. All so do you have allergies. The soap you use , creams, etc. could be your problem. Could be you need to see a specilast. As for your breathing , it could be allergies. Could be the onset of penmonenia [ spelling sorry] . See your doctor , he could refer you to an allergy specilast. Or you might just need antibotic. Please get it checked as i had thar problem. And had both problems. There is such a thing as walking penenomia where you don't feel sick. But have problems breathing.

Soft Hugs

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Hi Shirley - I was very interested when you mentioned that dry eyes might be from the Fibro. For about 2 years now I have been suffering from dry eyes. I am going to bring this up to my doctor, as I see her on Friday! Thanks for bringing it up! There is always something new with us, isn't there?? Laurie

Hi rileybug,

Is it your ribs, that keep you from taking a deep breath, or is it something else?

definitly my nod

se-but my ribs hurt alot too.

It's funny that you mention this as I've noticed both issues creeping up on me. I now rasp when I breath much of the time and I'm not sure why. It's unnerving me because my mom got COPD from my dad's smoking and she also rasps. In this case, I'd rather it be the fibro!

I'm also dealing with itchy/scratchy eyes. It's not on a regular basis but pops up several times a month.

I'd love to know what others have to say on this topic.

I have rib pain too but mine is because the ribs pop out of joint sometimes. That's due to the EDS. I snap crackle and pop all over like rice crispies but when the ribs pop out, that really hurts.

The reason I asked about the ribs, is because I have Costochondritis, Mine is not limited to the sternum area, the entire ribcage is affected, the Rheumatologist just touched me at the area of the ribs just above the waist on the sides and nearly shot me through the ceiling. He said I was the only patient ever to have screamed!

I am not suggesting that you have this, however it is something to write down on your list and ask about.

I hope that you are feeling well very soon!



Hi SK,

So good to see you here tonight! I hope your pain is somewhat diminished. I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping and praying that some things aren't as bad as spoken of. Yes, you are in my thoughts.

Has your costochondritis pain ever felt like when you've had the wind knocked out of you? Sometimes I get a pain like that in my ribs. Def. seems to be fibro related as my Lyrica settles it. I can't even quite describe how the pain feels beyond having the wind knocked from you. Makes it hard to breath, too.

It's good that you've brought this up for rileybug, as it might be what she's experiencing.

Hi Petunia, did you get the recipe? Will you send me a piece when you make it? Haha! I also have costochondritis and it is a killer. The pain ranges from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing pain to feeling like you can’t is horrible and seems never ending. And it is a sly bigger- you feel better and think it has gone away and then, bam, it’s back. It sucks really.

I have very serious breathing problems. I'm trying to strengthen my lungs with . exercise, it does go a great dealone!

Hi all, I have had breathing problems in the past can be very scary haven’t had that trouble for a while thank goodness. Petunia girl I’ve had itchy eyes my right eye was getting very itchy then it went to the size of a golf ball very painful.