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Fibro and Hip Replacements

I was told I need to have a hip replacement done. Have you had one? Did it make your Fibromyalgia more severe afterwards? Please share anything you can about having this surgery while living with Fibro. What method of surgery did you choose, and what helped you with your pain after your surgery? Big decision. Thanks so much!

I haven’t had hip surgery, but have had quite a few orthopedic surgeries. Your brain can really only focus on the “loudest” pain at once. So immediately following, you will likely find that your fibromyalgia will seem to be under control.

I would expect that you would have a significant lessening of your fibromyalgia symptoms for a stretch after surgery, and hope that you have a significant lessening.

Sharon from ModSupport

That was a great reply regarding surgeries. You are quite right that your brain focuses on the “loudest” pain - I notice that just about every day of my life. After one of my surgeries (rods in my neck, with fused discs), I noticed I was extremely weak. Thank goodness my husband was able to care for me during that time. Later I discovered that the inflammation in my body was extremely high, which explains the weakness. I was told that it is common to experience this after surgery, although, I had never had it to that extent before.

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Sharon, thank you for your comments. I know that “trauma” causes my fibro pain to increase. It is helpful to know how surgery affected yours.

There is also another possibility - Your fibromyalgia could be making your hip pain worse. That is something fibro does - It remembers pain, and magnifies it. If this is the case, hopefully, you will feel better between flares. I wish you all the best in your decision. Deciding whether or not to have surgery is difficult, but, in the end, if it is likely to improve my overall health, and lesson my pain, I will do it.

It will be a while until I can have the hip surgery, but I really appreciate your input. I have other issues that will demand my attention for a month or so. I hope your Fibro is currently manageable. Take care of yourself!

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