Fibro and Hashimoto's

Does anyone else have these two diseases simultaneously? They are both Auto Immune Diseases that suck the energy from your body and leave you feeling weak and exhausted the majority of the time. I wonder if they play off of each other, leaving one feeling forever tired and foggy. I also have Psoriasis, yet another symptom of the Hashimoto’s. Combined, I feel like a walking zombie who has forgotten how to speak or think, much less interact with others.

Yes, I have both Fibromyalgia and CFS- The Fibro had been in a “remission” for many years until a year ago- my trigger points were always tender, but the overall bad pain could be managed with Motrin. Now, I am practically home
bound from the pain and unrelenting fatigue and weakness. I am taking Cymbalta and a few other medications but nothing seems to be working. My speech begins to slur if I speak longer than 30 minutes, I can’t hold a pen to write more than a sentence or two, any activity that I do for more than a few minutes causes me to break out in a cold sweat, vertigo, shaky, nausea, etc… so your symptoms are not unusual as far as I’m concerned : ) Good Luck!

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