Fibro and diabetic?

Just wondering if anyone who’s taking gabapentin and is type 2 diabetic?
Until recently I was diet controlled type 2 and blood sugars were well controlled. Since starting to take gabapentin my blood sugars have risen and I am now having to take maximum metformin dose of 1000mg twice a day, despite following my usual low carb diet.
I’ve read that some people have experienced higher blood sugars with gabapentin, although this doesn’t seem to be the general medical view.
Any ideas?

Hi Pookie,

Wondering if you gained any weight while on the gabapentin? Weight gain alone can cause this.

Gabapentin however can cause elevated blood sugar, it is a rare side-effect but does happen. Here’s a quote from one reputable medical site:

“Diabetes patients - Gabapentin may affect your blood sugar. Check blood sugar levels closely. Ask your doctor before you change the dose of your diabetes medicine.”

So you should go talk with your doctor about this. Is the same physician prescribing both?

If you have gained any weight recently, you should try to lose it before blaming the gabapentin. Sometimes gaining as little as 7% of your body weight can cause your diabetes to go out of control.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Starr,

My weights pretty good, and since starting to cut carbs down a few years ago and joining a gym (mostly for swimming) Its never gone up and is very slowly coming down. Unfortunately I am a classic apple shape which I’m aware is a body shape more prone to be diabetic and pre diabetic and have several other health issues which higher my diabetic risk. I’ve wracked my brain to see what I might have been doing differently but the only thing I can think of in the last year was starting Gabapentin. I started taking it in August, in Sept '14 my Hb1Ac was 56 up from 48 in the June, now its 97 which is a huge jump I will definitely discuss this with my Gp when I go back for my follow up.
I’ve seen the quote you put in your reply as well when I started looking into this but strangely my drug advice hasn’t got it as a side effect nor do many others I’ve found…think its maybe one of those things where the jury is still out lol. X