Do any of you have Fevers??i have them every Day,usually its a sign for me to stop what im doing,i was told that when you have Fibro you dont have Fevers,whats your comments on the subject??

I have never had fevers and in all my reading about fibro, I have actually heard that fibro does not cause fevers. But, there is so much they don’t know about fibro that it could be related. Have you asked your doc?

I have fevers, but they say they are from the Lupus. I also have what I call unfevers. I was getting so cold with goosebumps I started taking my temp. it was really low, below normal. My internist says this is from the fibro. Don't know the answer, sorry. Hopefully someone can help. :)

Thanks for your input guys,i hope you are having a nice relaxing Weekend.
I have alot of overlapping symptoms,Lupus,me and Fibro,I am having a bunch of bloods done on Monday,for RA,and DNA
Warm hugs Kathy x

Hi Kathy and welcome!

I've heard that fevers are a symptom of lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases often go hand in hand with fibro. Mind you, I'm not trying to make a diagnosis as I'm not a doctor or medical person. I just thought it might be something worth mentioning.

I hope you're seeing your doctor about the fevers. And I hope you're being tested for autoimmune and other illnesses that can mimic fibro. I sincerely hope you don't have an autoimmune illness too. But like MBP, I don't recall hearing that fibro and fevers go together. Although, who knows?

Good luck!



Dear Kathy,

I just read your profile, sorry to hear about the Lupus, they keep checking me for it, but I already have enough autoimmune diseases. Low grade fevers are common with autoimmune. How strong are your fevers?

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9100921 I come from the old school, which has been proven wrong, about medicating each time you get a fever, especially a child. Now you are NOT to give them a thing unless they are frigteningly high, because this is the body's natural response to fight off an invader. They use this method of treatment in other countries of the world for cancer treatment, actually heating up the body.

I do not tend toward fevers, always more chills with me, but as an arthritic, that seems to be only natural, but I do wake up sweated, like a fever has broken, and Doc said that is just part of autoimmune.

Hope this has been a help, but do talk to your Dr about this,and of course, he will want to know the reading.

Wishing you well,


Yes i thought so,it is more likely to an autoimmune problem,the bloods hopefully will show this,i did

at one time test positive for lupus,but the second lot of bloods came back negative,my doc put me on steroids,which did make me feel alot better,but then he said he wouldnt give me any more,so im not being treated for lupus,so fingers crossed i might be able to get to the bottom of it all with my bloods

Thanks very much for your comments they mean so much to me.

Warm hugs Kathy xx

Thankyou for your comment,i dont have them at night ,mostly in the day,when i am about to do to much one comes on,i get around 6 to . 8 a day,they are a nuisance but at least my body is saying time to rest,and i relax for an hr or so,ive told my rhuemy,this is why im having the bloods done monday.

Best wishes to you too.Kathy x

i did read somewhere that fibro can cause fevers. i get them a lot when i am in a flare up. i can have a fever and no other symptoms. i have however thought i might have lupus. i havent been to the dr yet for the test. when i get a fever both my cheeks get so red it looks like i am sun burnt and it feels like i have my face right by a fire.

Yes that goes for me too,ive reasearched and there is no indecation that Fibro comes with fevers,well im having bloods Tommorow,maybe it will show something up,but Lupus is very hard to detect.

Sounds like that maybe you could have a chat with your Doc,to get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes Kathy x

Ive had my bloods done today,so hes requested ever blood test imaginable,10 viales,so its sit and wait for a week or so.Im just concerned,about these fevers,i know when to stop doing what im doing but just need to know whats going on,

Im so thankful for your reply.Very best wishes Kathy

ps i hope you understand the comment im fogged up.xx