Feeling your pain and worry

Hi everyone. I had no idea so many people deal with Gastro issues! And I so understand and wish I had answers for everyone. I got so bad that I almost called an ambulance to send me to the ER but I hate our hospital and I already know what they will tell me. The only Gastro issue I don’t have or don’t know I have is Chrons disease. A doctor finally called me and called in something for the nausea and Dicyclomine for the spasms. It helps a bit with the pain but what may be a coincidence is after I started taking it my daily diarrhea calmed down. Now I’m having the opposite problem! Good ole IBD/IBS. If it isn’t bad enough that we all suffer with Fibro, something else has to be thrown into the mix.
We are having a horrific heat wave. 3 days ago it reached 110, yesterday was 108 and today will reach 105. Slowly cooling down to the high 90’s next week sometime. Are you guys better or worse with your Fibro in the heat? I do better as I don’t handle cold weather at all. My pain and my depression get so much worse in the cold months.
I worry about my poor Sady as she only gets an early morning walk and maybe an evening walk. I worry about her little feet’s! The ground doesn’t want to cool off anymore than the weather does.
I feel so bad for everyone who has to deal with numerous ailments! Prayers going out to all of you!!! I understand Fibro, Gastro issues and depression. My email address is available for anyone who could use it. I may not be able to help necessarily but I can sure listen. I haven’t been on the internet as far as FB, or any groups I’m in because sometimes it makes my anxiety worse. Spending time between bouts, painting my kitchen and getting ready to paint my neighbors! Love and Hugs to all

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Hi there, I don’t normally reply or comment but this really caught my attention. I’m sorry you’re feeling all this as I do too. I have never bothered the doctors with how bad this all is as
(a). He’s not very good or sympathetic. And
(b) Everyone already looks at me like I’m a winging narcotic hypochondriac, although they all know I have fibromyalgia and depression.

For the last 3 years and Currently I’ve been going through stomach cramps, constipation , bloating and just general abdominal pains along with depression and the other usual fibro problems. I’m not letting it get the better of me but it’s really hard at times. Sometimes I wish for the good old days where it was nausea, with sudden vomiting during the night and occasional diarrhoea, just for the change.
My fibro is worst when the seasons change. Thank you for posting as it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.