Feeling unusually low spirits today

Hey ladies and gents...I haven't had a discussion on here for sometime now, but I'm still with you all on this network. Today I just need to vent. I'm growing tired and weary of this illness. It seems to be getting worse and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I've been to doctors and I 've been referred to a new physical therapy program, although the last one didn't help. I'm looking for work, but no luck so far. Once in a while I do little odds and ends to earn money, or some friends at my church will slip me a few dollars, which is nice. I feel like I've got to use my cane again, which makes me sad because then I know that my mobility issues are worse. l try to take the focus off of me, but the pain, the nausea, the fatigue, the vertigo, etc. They all creep in and remind me that this illness is here to stay. Life seems to drift on by, waving at me from behind as it passes through. I have no energy anymore for my kids. It hurts physically and even more so emotionally.

Hi Spirit - I so understand what you are saying here. I go through spells like this where I just am so frustrated that I can't function. It makes me angry and depressed too. I feel like I live vicariously through my family and friends online watching them have fun and do things that I can't. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and sending big hugs and good thoughts. Hope talking about it will give you some relief!!!


Thanks very much, Linniepies. Your words are encouraging. Thanks for reading, and especially for the hugs, lol.

Yes, you're right, Angelique, I guess today is the first day in a long time that I've decided not to fight.I just need to accept where I am for now. Oh, you just reminded me of the beautiful IBS, lol.

Hang in there. I know it’s hard. I have the same exact feeling. So the thing that keeps me getting through the day is looking back at yesterday and thinking about how i wouldn’t make it through. I felt like i had reached an end… and then God gave me another day. Another chance, another day to fight. It seems unbearable i know. But just know you aren’t alone. And as always I’m here anytime. Plus i owe u big time. Love u

This was exactly the conversation I had with my therapist today! I'm not working but it seems like my energy level is worse than it was when I worked. Trust me - there's still a load of stress away from work that I wasn't aware of. If you need to use your cane you should do so, as you don't want to fall and be worse off then you are now.

I'm sure your emotional state pertaining to your kids definitely overpowers the physical pain. But I'm sure they love you no matter what Mommy can or can't do. What matters to them most is having a Mom who loves them and is there for them!

In my opinion, you should focus on yourself and maybe this time this new PT program will help. Talk to your therapist and let them know what DID'NT work for you before so you're not wasting your time and money. Let us know how is goes - glad to have you around, spirit1! hugs ~ Sandi :)

Love u too Teesa. Thanks for your support.

Yes, my kids are very understanding, but I am the one who is overly concerned about their feelings.I hope this new or program does help...ouch! The pain in my legs!

Hi Spirit1,

It's hard isn't it! Especially knowing that we are stuck with this! Thankfully most of us have good as well as bad spells so hopefully you'll soon come through your "bad spell"

I started to feel worse last week but now after 8 days I'm starting to feel ok again, acceptance is difficult as is having to alter your life because of fibro, I feel like the "old Lucy" left me 3 years ago and now have had to adapt to a new me! That sounds weird doesn't it but that's how it feels to me!!

I'm thinking of you and hope things improve soon, try not to push yourself too much as this, I find, just makes you feel worse. Also don't beat yourself up over this, we didn't choose to be like this, who would!!

Take care,

Love Lucy xx

Hey girlfriend! It's really good to hear from you! So sorry you're having a rough time right now, seems most of us are having a tough summer! I think I can speak for everyone in telling you that we are all sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I hope that this physical therapy session will help! Though I know how important it is for us to keep moving, the exhaustion plays such a big part in working against this.

The vertigo can be miserable, I dealt with it for quite a while after the last car accident. My Chiropractor helped me through adjustments, and I bought the wrist bands especially for vertigo on Amazon. They help. I was given them for sinus surgery, at the hospital. My ENT prescribed me Phenergan too so I was doubly protected from the nausea of Anesthesia. I keep a set of wrist bands in the car for my grandson, like me, he is also a 'car sick kid', and they work like a charm!

The first med Doc gave me for nerve pain, Neurontin, caused me terrible vertigo, I just felt as though I was inside a spinning top, so he changed me to Lyrica, and no more vertigo! I have heard others here say that their PT was able to help get rid of the vertigo, so be sure to let them know!

Go ahead, vent away, anytime!

I hope that you can get to a better place soon, Don't be a stranger, we miss you when you're gone!

Love and hugs,


Spirit! I hope that things get better soon the worst part of this Illness is the downward spirals that we seem to get in. It is one thing after another. Pain equals depression and that equals pain that equals anxiety. Than you put normal life stressers into it and we can never seem to get ahead!. Just know that we are always here for you as we can offer much we can offer emotional support!

Gentle hugs!!


Thanks very much, it means a lot to me.

Hey SK, I'll be around more often. It's a blessing to be able to connect with you all and share our stories, since many others don't seem to get it.

Thanks Lucy, and hope we all feel better soon.

Sometimes struggling through the day just sucks, and its sad and nobody no's how much it hurts and you wonder why you bothered because it used up all that energy and you feel like crying. That why at lest if you have some decent pain meds you get a bit of a break from the pain and if the pain lets up a bit the fatigue loses it grip a bit to but acknowledge your pain ii's real regarless of what some ingnorant health care professionals don't agree but they don't have to you surround yourself with people who believe in Fibro that's it not all in your head\, you have real pain. real fatigue all you need now is doctor who is going to advocate for his patiet. Your a brave lady all you need is a bit of compassion you buearyiful lady jeannie


Thanks Jeannie, I'm a very outspoken individual, so it's hard for me to sit back and accept what the doctors try to tell me sometimes, or what others say about fibromyalgia. Anyway, thanks for your response and I hope you're well.