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Feeling overwhelmed!

I feel overwhelmed!!! I have noticed that my symptoms are becoming more regular. I have been having trouble keeping my balance, chronic fatigue, sever pain everyday to the point where I’m nauseous and throwing up, and trouble concentrating and remembering. I dont know what I should do at this point. Some days I feel so bad physically that it makes me depressed. I just want to be able to enjoy life and not have my body punish me for pushing myself to do what’s the norm for so many others.

Proudmom, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s crappy, and it’s unfair, but it’s the way it is. Sometimes it just helps to know that people understand what you are going through. And we do.

In a way, the norm doesn’t matter: you are suffering, and that’s where you are. Who’s your best physician? Is it time to call for an appointment and then take a list in to discuss? (Believe me, that makes them sit up and take notice!) Meanwhile, maybe it’s time for a heating pad, a blanket and a Discovery Channel program.

It’s hard, no question. But you are behind the wheel. Reach out for help if you need it. And come here for understanding, because we get it. I hope knowing that makes it just a wee bit better.

Seenie from Modsupport

PS you know about the Crisis help button at the top right of the home page, don’t you? Just click on anywhere on any purple banner to go to the home page, and then on “Crisis Help Line”.

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Hello Proudmom
I hope today has been better. Have you tried physical therapy? My therapist taught me breathing exercises to do and exercise to do before getting out of bed. Some people find massages help. I had to learn a new normal for me and it was hard to do 30 years later I have found eating right exercise and rest are my best friends.
Keep us updated on how you are.

Hey… I totally get that. I have always been such a physical person. I haven’t been able to fully wrap my head around not the idea that I may not ever get back to where I was. It freaks me out.
I try to get through and move on to the next when it comes to getting down about it. I feel like if I lay down, it will run me over. Thay scares me more so I keep going.
A few rules though…
Learn to self care… it’s the only way to recharge enough you can keep going.
Learn to say no… people don’t often understand that we have to ration our energy.
Find our peace… touch nature, pray, listen to music, whatever works for you that feeds the apirit.
Good luck and keep us posted.


How are you doing now, Proudmom?

Seenie from ModSupport

I’m sorry you’re getting overwhelmed. You might look through the items that members here have listed as triggers for fibro flares, and see if there’s anything that you can change in your life that could help. Recently I was introduced to a book called
‘Freedom from Pain’ by Levine; it has helped me a lot with pain management. There are other pain programs that are similar; it’s all based on reducing the pain feedback loop. Deep relaxing meditation in general may help with both pain and depression. Keep reading and hopefully you’ll find some strategies that are especially useful for you.
You are not alone, as others have said. Imagine the whole community holding you up and getting you through each day.

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Thanks, for the advise! I finally reached back out to my doctor. Found out I also have RA. I have been put on new meds not sure if they are working yet. I have a follow up on 1/6. I sometimes feel lonely dealing with this illness because other people either don’t take it serious or dont understand what we go through. Just trying to stay optimistic and enjoy the good days as they come.

I tried physical therapy but it only made my pain flare up worse. Sometimes my pain gets so unbearable that I’m nauseous and throwing up. I feel like my pain tolerance has definitely decreased recently. And I’m not one to like to depend on pain meds. So I normally just let the pain run its course. I was wondering if there is there a certain type of massage that you have found to work best?

I am learning to put myself first and say no to the people I love. I have always been the strong one that everyone depends on. And by doing that I have run myself into the ground. And I feel like in return the people I love dont know how to be that support system for me. My happy place is always spending time with my 4 year old. He is mature beyond his years and understands when I can’t do certain things or if I’m having a rough day. I have started journaling recently to get my feelings about this fibro journey out instead of bottling it in. What are some of the things you use to find peace on the tough days???

Proudmom, RA as well … oh boy, you really have your hands full. But knowing you’re battling RA, and it’s not all your imagination, helps, doesn’t i? You know, inflammatory diseases such as RA often “gift” you with depression as part of the disease process. It’s not just in your head.

As for meds and whether they help, most of what we take for Inflammatory arthritis takes months to start working, unfortunately. (I have something that is kind of similar, Psoriatic Arthritis.) Hang in there, and don’t hesitate to ask the doctor for help with the depression. It’s not your fault: it’s often part of the RA picture.

The suggestions about deep relaxation and meditation are excellent, and all part of the self-care tool kit. You will get through this and find your new normal. Meanwhile, coddle your self a bit and hug that sweet child of yours.

Hang in there. And hang out here, 'cuz we get it all.


I have recently been exploring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a Therapist and even though we haven’t gotten into techniques yet, even just the beginning stages of identifying the route of the thoughts and then having a list of tools at hand to help you work through it and overcome the feelings.

I haven’t even started and I’ve already begun to have a better understanding of what patterns my thoughts take. Perhaps some form of Therapy could give you the tools you are looking for? There are lots of different kinds of Therapy (I just like the CBT because it’s something I have control over; it teaches me how to counteract the thoughts and feelings that hold me back from being myself.)

mom - you mentioned massage. i think everyone is different. my doc prescribes Deep Tissue Massage for me. The therapist phoned him to make sure that’s what he meant, because it puts a lot of pressure on the body and can be painful. But that is what HELPS me personally. Therapist said most of her fibro clients can barely tolerate a butterfly touch. Even a Swedish massage is too much for them, so she sort of makes it up as she goes. You might try starting with a light massage and working up. you dont need an RX to get a massage unless its something special… at least here, you need a script from doc to get deep tissue. And no, it doesn’t cure me… it just makes me feel better for 2 or 3 days.