Feeling blue

Tomorrow is Monday so of course I’m getting the blues, but this is different, I’m preparing for a week of work, school, dinner. I trying to learn how to pace my self, I am front office so everyone needs me for something. I hope and pray that a better and less stressful comes along. So I’m blue because I miss my old self who could do all that and some and feel fine. Sigh…

Hi Necee! I know what you mean & I am feeling it too. I am still working full time at a electric utility provider. The benefits are really good but I sometimes feel like I am wishing away my life every Monday morning, wishing it were Friday instead! Like you, it is hard for me to accept that I just cannot do everything that used to come so easily. I try not to let myself dwell on it because it’s just too easy to let it get me down. I don’t have children in our nest any longer (I am 51) & my husband is very good about things like meals, house work, etc. If you have children at home(you mentioned school) then you have a whole lot on your plate. That makes you pretty awesome trying to juggle so much while dealing with your own health issues! Are you able to plan ahead for evening meals for the week? Do you have help at home? If there is a way to lesson the amount of work you feel is still waiting at home while you are working at your job-that would help a lot. I pray that this will be a less stressful, less painful week for you. HUGS!

Thank you for the kind words, I have two boys 14, 7 I’m so glad they are older, they have a hard time understanding. My fiance is great helps me alot. I do plan ahead mostly. Right now work is a stresser try to pace myself boss is unsympathetic. I’m learning how to slow down it a just hard…thank you for such kind words.

What kind of work do you do? I am so sorry that you have a stressful job & an employer who doesn’t seem to care about your health. It sounds like your job is more of a stress than the fibro! It certainly is a factor in the way you are feeling. I’ve been there, too but it’s usually when I am in a lot of pain trying to work with zero sleep. My employer is supportive but the job itself is extremely stressful at times. I am glad to hear that your boys & your fiancé help out. Tomorrow will be a better day-that’s what I tell myself & many times, I am right! I hope you sleep well tonight & wake up feeling great tomorrow; you & your little family are in my prayers tonight. XX&lots of HUGSXX

It’s good you are doing what you can to pace yourself and so wonderful you have a supportive family behind you.:slight_smile:
I am sending you a Friday to chase away those Monday blues!

Hi Necee, I know when I am feeling blue about Monday work I try to turn it around and imagine the new day ahead full of possibilities. I visualize all the wonderful people I might meet, personal successes at my job, etc. It helps me a lot when I am feeling down. For me, the trick is to visualize good stuff during the hard times. Yes, my job is also very stressful at times but each time I work thru that stress it is a success and makes me stronger. I agree with pacing yourself, that is definitely important as well and it sounds like you are doing what you can to do that. It is easy to want to have our "old self" back that can do everything and then some - but for me life became easier once I stopped longing for the person I used to be and focused on the person I am today. I am wishing you an EASY week at work and a quick Friday. HUGS!

Maybe this image can help you cheer up when feeling down on a Monday or any other day . . .

Hi Necee, I hope today was a good day at work. Hugs.