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Feeling better this week

I keep a daily fibro log which includes pain location, duration, intensity, what I did to try and treat it that day, the weather, what I ate and my mood.

Since I was diagnosed in feb 2019, I’ve not gone longer than 4 days without significant pain, regardless of what med I was on: Gabapentin, Lyrica, Narco, cbd creams or tinctures, hot Epsom salt baths…

Today, I am on my 9th day without pain. The only thing I have changed is significantly reducing my sugar and carb intake, and increasing my magnesium malate from 400 mg to 625 mg per day. If I get it narrowed down further, I will report back. Feeling grateful for a break! :pray:


Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory. That probably makes a difference. I learned that I think from here. Perhaps you can search around the forums?

As part of my medication library (lol) I am on Magnesium 400mg twice a day because it has a tendency to drop. It’s interesting your doing the diary and are finding no pain for 9 straight days. That is amazing! I honestly think cutting the sugar and carbs help. I noticed I started to get fibro after my 2nd organ transplant. I started to gain just a little bit of weight. From 130 to now 160. Of course my body doesn’t feel good at 160 but I’m sure if I cut out sugar and carbs I would feel a heck of a lot better. That’s awesome!

There’s a lot of different kinds of magnesium. Malate is supposed to be the best for fibro from what I’m reading.

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