Feeling a Little Down

I haven't been 'right' since the adverse drug reaction to vicodin. That was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. 'Right' wasn't that good before then, but it sure was a lot better than this. Shakey, fatigued and so stressed about pcp appt today.

Some days I feel like I'm on such a downward spiral that I will never recover from. I had one good day, on Saturday. I probably did too much because I felt ok. I didn't do that much though.

I wonder if doc will send me to pain clinic or try to find replacement for the vicodin himself. I was only using it ocassionally...very rarely. But now, I feel like I need it every day.

How am I going to be able to take on the grandboys this summer?

Sorry, venting. Nobody else gets it, so you guys get to hear it.


Thanks Rat. You are so sweet. And yes, I do feel like saying that. What drug are u fighting with?

Awe L Kitty sorry you are having a bad day and I really hope the stress will go away after your pcp appt. About 6 weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to perocet. I really thought I was dying it was so bad. I refused to take any other medicine I was that frighten and I did not feel right for about 2weeks. I was light headed, got dizzy real easy and weak as well. I am feeling better now so maybe soon you will feel the same. I hope your pcp will give you something to make you feel better. Oh and you know you are at the right place to vent lol. Gentle hugs, Robin

Hey girlfriend!

Glad you are going to the Doctor today, hopefully he will have words of wisdom and some 'right answers' that will allow you to feel better in all ways!

Please let us know how it went for you!

We're here for you, LK! Anytime!

Love and hugs,


Hi LKitty, Vent away, all you need too! We are listening! And we understand! I had an adverse reaction to a pain med before as well, and it seemed like it took me a while to bounce back. It was scary.

Praying that your doctor appt went well today. Hopefully he can give you something that will help you, in place of the Vicodin.

Hoping you feel better soon, and can enjoy those grandson's this summer1

Hugs, Vicky

Awwww, LKitty, I'm so sorry things are going so badly for you. It's so disheartening to feel so utterly helpless when fibro whams! us. And I think it is possible to push your fibro to a deeper level by doing certain things. Whether you have or not, L-Kitty, remains to be seen. Hopefully, hopefully not!

But I do know exactly how you feel, as I was feeling the exact same way a week ago. On a terrible downward spiral. No sign of it ever lifting. Then my son came and started helping with my meal route. I got shots in the knee. I got a procedure in the back. Long story short, I feel a lot better this week. Never ever thought I would. I know it's not permanent. But a break does help. I think you'll get one too. Fibro does that - puts us through a long, horrid spell, then gives us a break. And I'm praying for you, L-Kitty, that you get to feeling better. Soon.

How did your PCP appointment go today? Did the doc talk about a pain clinic? I myself have had some good experiences with them so they might be a good place for you to go.

I hope you can find some relief soon so you don't have to worry about your time with the grandbabies.

Gentle hugs,


Thanks everyone. I appreciate you all very much.

Time to find a new doctor. I am so disappointed. Basically he told me that it was just a reaction not an allergy. I can keep using the vicodin. He's nuts! So, I asked him his philosophy on fibro. I came away with lose weight, exercise even though you hurt. Don't be a victim. He told me stories about patients he sees who feel better now! Yipee for them! He told me that the heart palpatations when I have sugar and since the vicodin problem, are a result of me believing it's going to happen. Weird thing is, he's been pretty good to me for a few years.

So, my pcp doesn't "specialize" in fibro. My rheumatologist doesnt either. I need new doctors. AND I'm stopping going to manual therapy because I think it exaserbates the pain. They believe in fibro and are so good to me there. Too bad it doesn't help me.

My husband is so mad. His co-workers wife sees an excellent doc for fibro, but it's 100 miles away.

Thanks for your support.


Ack! Wrong wrong wrong, he's all wrong! Exercise for us is getting out of bed and to the bathroom. If we're lucky, we can do something gentle, like Tai Chi or pool stuff. My sis showed me some yoga poses and NO WAY can I move like that and I'll bet that most of us can't either. Yet some docs recommend it for us, as well as physical therapy. I don't have the slightest idea where docs get the idea that we can exercise regularly??? Really docs? Like how can that happen when I can't bend my knees.

Don't be a victim??? Wow, that's a thoughtless and arrogant statement. Like your negative thinking is causing your problems? Uhhhhhh - NO! Fibro is real. It's not caused or worsened by your thoughts. And your reactions to Vicodin are real too, not from your thoughts/fears. Sheesh!

Yeah, I'd agree that you'd do better with a new doc, one who believes in fibro and treats it.

My utmost sympathy to you after such a clunker of an appointment! Please don't give up - you'll find a good doctor. They are out there. It's just a shame that we have to run across the clunkers too.



Know what you mean. Dr put me on Cymbalta , felt like my brain was coming out my ears. Told him about it . he said it must have been something else.

I only get to see my dr every three months. If I get real sick I have go to ER. So I just do best I can. Oh please, I am having hard time sleeping, Daughter said I might need a softer mattress. not a waterbed. can anyone recommend one . I have a


I know how you feel.
Most doctors will tell you to loose weight and exercise.Its all they know.
He could be right about the vicodin.
If you are in a flare up nothing will make you feel better.
I hope you have the support of your husband.
I am alone.
Keep looking for a doctor in your area that you are comfortable with.I hate to say it but they do not have all of the answers you want.
Have you tried a chiropractor? Sometimes they can help.Not physical therapy.
I hope this helps.

Thanks Petunia. Clunker is right! Oh, but I am going to stop taking your favorite drug. Yip, venlafaxine! That is the only med I'm taking that could be linked to heart palpatations. So, I ASKED HIM about it. He said sure, stop taking it. I'm taking the lowest dose they make, so he said to just stop it. We'll see how that goes.

Thank you Tammy. You are absolutely right. This tunnel looks pretty gloomy right now. I appreciate your prayers.

Hi Vicky. You are just so kind. I appreciate you. I will enjoy those boys, one way or another.

SK, my doctor sucks. Can I say that? I guess so, I just did. I'm on the trail of a new doc. Just found a couple on facebook actually. Don't you just hate new patient appts? Oy!

Love and hugs back at ya!

I had a doctor tell me once to exercise as well, even if it hurts. He said its because it will actually help with the fibro pain. I'm like WHATTT???? He said, when you exercise it produces endorphins, which help stop the pain. I thought to myself, this guy is crazy. I am lucky to get outside and walk a bit, and that's even at turtles pace. I try to walk a mile. and even that, can give me repurcussions. I get so angry, so so angry, when a doctors answer to everything is exercise more, push yourself. Just do it, push thru the pain. etc etc etc.

I stopped going to that doctor. I'd like to give him just one day in my shoes. That's all he'd need.

MissyJoah, have you tried a mattress topper? I got a cheap one made of styrafoam, I believe, and I found it very helpful. It might be worth your while to invest in one, prior to buying a new mattress.

Did you stop your meds? I am about to! Not really. Just mad cuz things didn't go my way today.

Thanks for your empathy. I sure appreciate it.

Hugs back.

Thanks dear. Ill get my daughter to look for one and try it thanks again.. I twist and turn so much trying to get easy so I can sleep that my arms and elbows are sore.

Can I find one at Wal-Mart?

I get it. Last Friday I felt great all day , the first full good day in a month. Some days, like today, I feel like
I will never recover too, but then I feel better. No notice. In a 5 month bout now with too many symptoms, but there’s always better days to come. Maybe the grand kids will help. Hopefully the pcp will have something brilliant to help.

Yes, and Wal-mart's a good place to buy it in case you don't like it and want to return it. Do be aware that they can go as high as $150. But I got a twin-sized strip of what looked like egg cartons made of styrofoam and it cost about $20 several years ago. I liked it a lot but am never on my bed anymore so can't say how good it'd feel nowadays.