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Feel tired


I seem to spend more time in bed than up these days im battling with weight issues my meds arnt working every time i go to my doctors they tell me to loose weight im on neurontin 300mg 3x a day amitriptyline 75mg every night. Now i no the neurontin makes you put on weight so i spoke to my Gp who was less than helpful told me to carrie on with meds feel hopless.


Hi. I believe I can relate to you. I am taking gabapentin 300mg 3x day and have gained weight - and really fast. Like over 4-5 months. It's so frustrating because I had lost weight last summer and felt great. My PCP isn't much help either. I finally got in with a pain specialist and he is switching me from gabapentin to Lyrica. Now I did read that Lyrica can have the same side effects of weight gain but the doctor said that it is much more common with the gabapentin. I'm supposed to start the Lyrica this evening. I have also taken other meds that my body can't tolerate - Cymbalta, Effexor, Savella. It's so frustrating because, like you, nothing is working. I have to work full-time and on really bad pain days it is excruciating to get through the day. When I get home I just plop down on the couch exhausted. I understand the hopeless feeling. There are days when I just start to cry because I hurt so badly and have reached the breaking point. You aren't alone. We are all in this together. One day, sometimes one hour, at a time. Keep plugging away. :)


Hey thanks for your comment i have been advised to change GP feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall i have suffered with bad tummy pains and swollen belly i look 6 months pregnant just through walking around the house at 30 i had a hysterectomy due to hospital visits nearly every month. And continuous bleeding i have felt like this since i was 24 at least i dont feel so alone xx


So i changed doctors and have been told that my fibromyalgia i can control by having a more positive attitude their is some herbal remedies to try yam was one of them i cant see a specialist as the will not entertain this ill ness im so up set and feel im going to have to fight loads to get help. Xx