How do you all manage the fatigue? I seem to be unable to do anything about it. Suggestions?

Hi Kim,

This is a tough question. The only thing I do is I TRY to get proper rest. Meaning I try to get a good night sleep (even if I have to take something) and I often have to lay down for a while in the afternoon too. If I can do those two things, I'm usually pretty good. I learned the hard way not to push myself too hard. Although I don't always listen to myself either, which doesn't help (ha ha). Sunshine - there's something about being in the sun that helps to boost my energy too. Even if it's just sitting in it, it helps.

I have to do things a lot slower than what I use to be able to do also. That's still something about 'me' that I'm not use to. Before I got ill, I use to have 3 or 4 projects going on at once and not resting till I got them done.... not any more.

Pacing - that's the key (I just now figured it out - lol). Pacing ourselves so we don't wear ourselves out and rest when we feel we need to rest.

That's all I ever came up with. I'm anxious to see what other people have to say. :)


Hi Kim,

I find fatigue harder to cope with than pain.....but saying that, the more tired I am the worse the pain gets.

I try to make sure my week is paced out nicely with everything that I have to do, rather trying to have a mad day and get everything done, I do a bit each day....but I'm fortunate in that I don't work anymore, I was a full time nurse for 27 years but gave it up 3 years ago as I was struggling so.

I tend to be busy every morning then about 1pm - 3pm I rest on my bed with my big fluffy cat Basil....I'm ok then to make dinner and have a relatively settled evening, watching TV and doing my knitting...lol.

Try not to have mad busy days, you'll pay the price for a few days after if you're like me. Sleeping at night is a problem for a lot of us I know, not many of us actually sleep right through which is why you need to take care of yourself during the day.

It's a hard thing to cope with though and I hope you find some help soon.

Love Lucy xx

Ben and Lucy, your experiences sound like mine. Sometimes the sleep aides don’t work either! I’m taking ambien again so we’ll see if I start to sleep better. Are either of you in your 50s like me? I used to be able to multitask too but can’t now. I also used to be able to power through the pain and fatigue but not now. I’m always so tired and I have brain fogs on top of it all!

I’ve also noticed the warm sun helps and will soon try the nuts (maybe that’s why I crave peanut butter). Looking forward to more ideas. :slight_smile:

yea Kim. I'm 52. Oh that brain fog. I think that's the worst part of this illness. I hate it when I can't think clearly or even remember what I went into the kitchen for (lol). Some people swear by vitamins. It's the vitamin B's that help with our energy levels but, I don't remember which ones exactly. B6 and B12 - I think (?). Oh heck.. just take a multivitamin and you'll get the right one.. hee hee

I also hate it when I mess words up while speaking or have word finding problems. Nowadays, each flare seems to get worse- the pain, fatigue, brain fog, and just recently bladder irritation. Drs visits are frustrating. They say the same thing:drink more water, eliminate caffeine, loose weight, exercise more, blah, blah, blah… I’ve done them all and it doesn’t help enough to make it a permanent way of life.

I’m hoping to feel better and have less frequent flares soon. I miss too many days at work and it’s a problem for myself and my employers. So, my last day working will be May 29th, 2014. Please tell me it will help and improve my quality of life.

....coming from a man who wears a red dress, a size too big black pantyhose black tennis shoes....hmmmm I don't think I'd trust his advise!! LOL {inside joke Kim, JK} B12 for energy B6 for nerves my friend. Mult-B & a sense of humor w/loads of laughter is wonderful for overall health...Yep & I'm sticking to that!! bwhaaaa ((((HUIGS)))))

Greetings Kim, Tho I get fatigue now & then I suffer more w/pain than fatigue. Sometimes ur meds cause fatigue. Check ur meds & stress cause more fatigue. Maybe u need a good vitamin/supplement because our meds & the disease robs our body & our adrenal glands of nutrients. I was on Trazadone@ bedtime yrs ago it wore me out. Dr took me off 'cuz it had me so zapped & exhasted. I also took Cymbalta@bedtime a few yrs ago & I was a zombie during the day & totally exhausted all the time. I cant remember what the Trazadone was for but I remember Dr gave me the Cymbalta for pain, but it made me depressed.I took myself off those.. After they were out of my system the depression & fatigue lift. I WOULDN'T ADVISE ANYONE TO STOP OR START ANY MEDS/SUPPLEMENTS W/O DR, ORDERS/APPROVAL. It just happen that I kept forgetting to take my Cymbalta@bed & it didnt help me anyway so I dropped them. Have u had a Sleep Study done for possible Sleep Apnea. O that's what I think the Trazadone was for sleep. Since I've been using my CPAP machine I'm good. I don't know what meds u take, but that's the first place to look I think. Hope u feel better soon. Sorry this is so long.


sorry Kim, I wanted to add that I have to take 5000 units D3 a day & Multi B 50mg, B-12 drops & Cal/Mag/D/K/Zinc supplement & a Vit C. My body definitely lets me know I haven't taken my supplements. Also I make a Taz Soup that gives ur adrenals a boost. We usually suffer adrenal fatigue. Google Taz Soup, it does work very simple to make about 5 ingredients. That's all! Thanx


Hi Kim,

Not quite in my 50's....am 48 on Sunday!! I've tried several things to aid sleep.....amitriptyline, Phenergan, melatonin, with no effect, but I do take an antidepressant with a sedatory side effect....mirtazapine 15mg, I take this as I have an anxiety disorder too, the doses can go up to about 45mg I think but my doc told me that for some reason the sedatory effects are better on the lower dose....I've been on it for about 4 years now.....I tried coming off it but I realised then that it does actually help. It's not a long acting tablet but it does give me about 5 - 6 hours sleep at night and I don't have that hangover sleepy feeling in the mornings....so I just stick with that. Funnily enough the amitriptyline and the Phenergan had the opposite effect...it made me feel totally hyper, all tizzy and increased my anxiety so that was soon ditched!!

It's so difficult finding tablets that help...I haven't tried a vitamin B supplement yet so maybe that's the next one to try!!

Lucy xx

PS...let me know how the ambien goes......I've not tried that!! xx

Not that I suggest this. But I drink a rock start or two when I get up. Then I go to work. Come home and nap or should say I crash for at least an hour. Then I’m awake but lately pretty much useless :frowning: my best energy is taken at work. Once in a while I get another energy kick then I usually clean something that needs it.

I’m pretty much useless at home lately. But I’m still working and I see that as my plus. I don’t know what else. B12 well unless you can get the injection, the pills seem to be useless to me anyways. Lyrica does help. I feel a lot better I can say I was a 1 out of 10 of energy before, and now I’m a 4-5 out 10 energy, I think pain has a lot to do with it, try to minimize the pain and then the fatigue might lower…

Hope this helps



Oh yea positive mind. I go to work with a smile and I always push through no matter what. No one at work will know the true me as far as I continue to be positive and make sure I’m happy and have a great attitude. At home I can be down and have feelings but not at work.

Hi Kim

This subject always gets a lot of attention. When I was diagnosed my doctor asked me which I needed more help with...pain or fatigue? I said that they're pretty much neck and neck,but the fatigue take a toll psycologically. At times the fatigue gets so bad that even taking a shower is just too exhausting. When the smallest task feels so out of reach it leads to feelings of frustration,uselessness, and guilt and when we get caught up in that cycle,it's very difficult to get out.

I suggest starting small. I started out by making 1 change at a time. The first was taking my rests in the living room instead of retreating to my bed. For some reason going back to bed makes it harder to get going again. If I really have to sleep,I try to limit myself to no more than 30 to 40 minutes. It was extremely hard to force myself to get back up and go but I feel better and if i let myself go longer, there's a good chance that i'll throw in the towel for the rest of the day. (Mind you there are days when staying down is unavoidable). I also go to bed at the same time every night and my pain wakes me up at the same time every day so I'm up no matter what.

It takes a long time to develop a routine that makes it easier to get through the day. I try to do whatever I can to make the mornings easier,like showering at night...it's such a simple thing but if I leave it for the morning,I end up using up a good part of my energy before my day even starts. Taking breaks in between tasks really makes a difference. I've had depression and anxiety for most of my life and I use to spend a good part of the day in bed.Not good for the self-esteem.

I started medication for the exhaustion. Look through the discussions(recent) and you'll see "Ritalin". I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

The thing I love about this site is everyone has tricks and tips.Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another but I'll try anything and if it works...Great,if it doesn't,try something else. For me,staying on top of my depression is key because depression totally wipes you out.

I hope this helps. You're not alone as you can see from the great feedback you've received.

Hugs,and good luck;


Thank you everyone for the great ideas! This IS a great group! It is so nice to visit with people who TOTALLY understand what I’m going through.

I have hidden the fibro from colleagues until this year (15 years). I’ve gone to work wearing a brave front only to be reduced to tears by 10:00 am bc of the pain, fatigue, brain fog… For me, today anyway, the brain fog and fatigue are the worse, oh and the pain in my hands and feet.
Thanks again!