Fatigue is really awful. Any ideas on what to help?

Hi, I’m in Australia and my fatigue is really awful. Any ideas on what to help?

Hi Firestar and welcome. I know that fatigue is a very concerning symptom of fibro. Have you had a sleep study done to rule out sleep disorders? Quite a few of us have them, from sleep apnea to restless leg syndrome to other sleep disturbances. Any of these could be putting you into a worse situation due to lack of meaningful sleep. If you haven't had one done, I strongly recommend that you do so. For instance, I found out that I needed a CPAP and I do feel less fatigued than I did prior to using it.

My only other suggestion is to make sure that you get plenty of sleep, including naps. Sleep seems to help the fatigue like nothing else can.

It's a shame that pain signals even affect our night times but they do. So finding a fibro med that helps to fight the pain might also help you with sleeping better.

Hey firestar, hope you doing as well as possible.This is my first post here, I can so relate about the fatigue, I am always feeling run down and it is a struggle to stay out of bed and some days the bed wins. I was just given the official Fibro diagnose this month but have been suffering for most of my life with such a wide bizarre range of symptoms. A R.A. dr. is the one that diagnosed me and she says the first step is as Petunia Girl talked about is getting the sleep study done. Mine is set up for June 20th, it's a start I guess just wish I knew what to do about all the other symptoms. Good luck to you.


D-Ribose has really helped me. I mean REALLY. I also think COQ-10 has helped. I take both supplements every day, could not get through my workday without them. I can physically feel when the D-Ribose is out of my system. My muscles get weak, i feel exhausted and just want to go to bed....

If you give these a try I hope they help. No side effects either!

Good luck!

Judy in Rhode Island

Hi firestar, I also live in AUSTRALIA , I force myself to get out of bed I’m on Endep 25 also Valium for pain at the moment I’m in agony I had a flu shot a while ago and I think I have tonsillitis about to leave in the next hour to go the docs if I make it there my body is aching like crazy. I work full time for now I just force myself and try be positive, FMS is not going to win i’am. Hope you feel better soon, Melissa

No! I’m sorry. Well, if I can keep the pain level down, my energy level is not as bad. There lies the problem. Good luck. I am interested in keeping up with your post. I may learn something. Thanks.

Hi Firestar, I’m so glad you have joined us !! My fatigue is worse than just about any symptom I have, my dr believes I may actually have CFS. I get energy from my Savella, Q10 & I’m going to try the D- ribose. I have tried Adderall but it causes a headache and next step is to try… Oh shoot this fibro fog, it just left my brain, it’s a Perscription drug to help you stay awake… Used a lot for narcolepsy & jet lag, I can’t think of it.
Have your vit D level checked, get the sleep apnea ( mine showed restless leg syndrome)
If you have access to a book called Perscription for nutritional healing , 5 th Ed by Phyllis Balch there is a few pages on CFS , actually this book is great for every symptom & illness known. It recomends a lot of things… A few I use are L - Carnitine, Malic acid and magnesium. It also talks about the D- ribose,
Many researchers talk a lot about hypoglycemia & fatigue… It’s to much to explain, but basically when we eat sugar, carbs… Ect… Our blood sugar goes up, so our body releases insuline, which drops our blood sugar and causes fatigue.
I have to sleep 9-10 hrs & rest during the day, plus take my supplements, I keep my blood sugar at a steady level, drink lots of water, mild exercise daily, and I have found a balance that has really helped. Prior to all this, I would be so sick just walking through the grocery store… Sick with severe fatigue.
Hope some of this helps :slight_smile:
Hugs &

My fatigue has been terrible at times. It has decreased some since my dose of Lyrica was increased to 75 mg twice daily. I also takes lots of supplements, but the only decrease at all in fatigue like I said was the increase in Lyrica. Good luck with your symptoms.

none of the meds i am aware of agree with my system... I am constantly awake and asleep but too tired to get up for hours on end... if i absolutely must go to an appointment i'm like a zombie... what do you take? hope you have caring others in your life

I'm in the midst of an awful fatigue flare. Feels like I could sleep all day. I do have chronic fatigue in addition to fibro as many of us do. Now that it's time for me to sleep, I can't! I'm going to give the D-Ribose a try too.

I recommend you get to see a doctor and get their opinion. You may need a sleep study and some pharmaceutical fibro drugs, like Lyrica and the others. Life's stress' are my biggest problem. The more stress and anxiety the worse my symptoms.

Hope you're feeling today.


Hi Firestar!

Good to hear from you, but sorry you are struggling with this. I do not have chronic fatigue, though I AM chronically fatigued! All of your energy drinks, power bars, are all packed full of B vitamins. The B complex are now even available in chewables, and the sublingual B12 is surely a boost!


Talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist about adding them, try to get a good 'pharmaceutical grade' so that your body can properly break them down and utilize them! I get mine through my Chiropractor! Don't forget calcium citrate for bone health and magnesium for your muscles!

Don't be a stranger, we miss you when you're gone!

Wishing you well,


Hello, aim glad that you are feeling a little better my Dr has also put me on Lyrica 75mg twice a day and it is also helping me I am very interested in what other supplements you are taking and if you think that they are helping you. This is my first email so sorry about the spelling ect. Not used to a computer. Best wishes Jane Athens Greece.

sleep study has been put off a number of times... will look into it again

there are no pain fighters for fibro available here that i can take so rely on the plain pain killers and melatonin

thank you for sharing and hope the study helps

thank you... is there a particular strength

feel for you mel... I've been fighting and may have made it worse doing so... I'm in Adelaide, where are you?

thanks Dee ... sounds like me

let me know what the drug is when you think of it

savella is not in australia yet

also have the insulin resistance

will trial more supps again

going to try dex also

thanks connie.... lyrica made me like a zombie and i slept through everything both times i tried it

agreed... be good to yourself

I get B12 shots already and am about to trial dex

thanks for your kindness